PASSWORD LOCKED iPod Touch - How to RESTORE a Disabled iPod with a lost Pass Code Unlock Video

welcome back to mr. money phone buy

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electronic gadgets today I'm going to

show you how to unlock your iPod touch

if you ever lock yourself out you set

your password and you forget what it is

you won't be able to sync it to your

itunes so basically it's a dead unit

until you can unlock it so this video

should help you out here if you ever run

across that that situation so first

things first you'll notice I have here

the iPod in hand it's currently hooked

up to the sync cable and also in the

background you'll see iTunes so first

thing we want to do is shut off the iPod

here and we'll go ahead and power that

down now when the iPod is powered down

you're going to unplug the sync cable it

should just take a minute here for the

iPod to power down and just keep in mind

that this will work with any iPod the

iPod model and the operating software on

the iPod so should pretty much work with

any unit here okay

it just takes a minute to power down and

when we're powered down while the

phone's off you'll see you have the same

cable again make sure this is plugged

into your computer and make sure your

iTunes is open you're simply going to

hold the home button and then plug in

the sync cable simultaneously well

actually hold the home button first then

plug in the sync cable okay it'll pop up

showing that it doesn't recognize the

the sync cable actually you'll see the

picture of the sync cable along with the

iTune plug in here so we're just going

to hit cancel and another warning will

pop up says iTunes is detected an iPod

in recovery mode you must restore this

iPod before you can before can be used

with iTunes so let's just click OK here

and now you're brought to the restore

screen which we couldn't be brought to

previously with the lock code on it was

disabled okay so very simple when you're

in iTunes here you'll see the restore

button we'll go ahead and click restore

and restore an update okay now go

through the generic iTunes operating

software check box is there just keep


continue give it a couple minutes this

here says it will take about eight

minutes and when you're all done your

iPod will be sync to your computer it'll

be restored and you will have no lock on

your iPod I hope you found this video

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