How to reset iPod Touch password if you've forgotten or lost it - Fix iPod Disabled message


what's happening youtubers I'm bringing

you a video today showing you how you

can reset the password on your iPod

touch if you've been unfortunate enough

to misplace it or lose it or whatever

reason you need to reset the password

now one thing I will say straight off

the bat is when we do this reset

procedure it will wipe all the contents

of your iPod so if you have photos music

you know whatever else please consider

that there's no going back once it's

reset it's reset so you know you have

been warned

so what we need to do to to make this

happen is obviously have an iPod have

the USB cable connected to the computer

like so have a laptop or computer

whatever you're using I'm on Windows 7

use iTunes and be signed into iTunes and

have a connection to the Internet so

we've all that in place first thing to

do is actually turn off the iPod so

let's just do that hold the power button

down slide to power off there we go

next thing is to basically let me let me

just do it as I say it plug the cable in

this will be easier for you because I'm

trying to do this with a phone in my

other hand but we want to hold down the

home button before you press in the USB

cable or the Apple cable so I'm going to

just position this come on hold down the

home button cables in alright we get the

initial Apple logo then you can see the

USB cable pointing towards the iTunes

logo okay this basically means it's

going into recovery mode now if we go

across to iTunes you can see on the

screen it says here iTunes has detected

an iPod in recovery mode you must

restore this live pod before it can be

used of iTunes so here you say okay all

right now give some details of the iPod

etc and what we're looking for is the

restore button see click restore

all right now you can see it says

contacting for iPod software update

server okay are you sure you want to

restore the iPod iPod to its factory

settings all you mean do another detail

data will be erased and the newest

version of your iPod software will be

installed so read the rest about and if

you're happy just click restore and

update okay now you can see at the top

it says extracting software that's gonna

go along and do its thing so you know

what I'm gonna pause and come back okay

guys the extracting software just

finished now I just want to show you the

next stage which is verifying iPod

restore with Apple so I'm gonna pause

that I'll be back when the next piece

work Oh in fact I'm gonna stay prepare

an iPod for restore the iPod itself just

flashed the logo just disappeared and

now I have an Apple sign on the iPod so

let's just see what happens next you

heard that beep it's reconnecting we

look on your iPod and you can see it's

going to load

waiting for the output

I'm going to pause here okay guys it's

still going you have to be patient in

this bit you can see the bar has moved

along and on the screen is restore Napa

software that bars moving along nicely

so you know I'm gonna save time pause

again okay it's just very fine I pass

off to at the moment as you can see on

the Apple itself on the iPod itself it's

moving along a good pace now go find

iPod or store

let's come back in a minute next message

restoring ipod firmware historian I put

firmware ok

your iPod has been restored to factory

settings and is restarting let's have a

look there she be with the Apple sign

the Apple logo the famous logo just give

it a minute okay I've got the progress

bar just pop up underneath the Apple

miss underline in it

boom okay now let's see what we have

here we have the iPod and it's back to

its initial setup asking for language

and the usual sort things so yeah there

you go fully usable again I hope that

helps if you have any questions please

drop me a line please do subscribe and

God bless take care go back