How to UNLOCK a Disabled iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone (ALL iOS)

okay today I'm going to be showing you

guys how to fix a disabled iPod so the

first thing you're going to want to do

is turn the iPod completely off like

that this part takes a little while it's

just shutting off any day now

okay now that it's completely off and

you can set it up right here this is

what it should look like just a total

black screen black screen then you get

the USB cable the apple cable Oh first

you hold the home button for five

seconds one two three four five then

without letting go of it

you stick in the cable and keep it held

and then when you hold it it's an Apple

logo could should come up and it says

please connect to itunes and then it

says iTunes has detected an iPod in

recovery mode really must restored the

iPod then you click OK and then it

starts - and then right here on the iPod

menu summary whatever you click restore

now when you say restore when it says

restore it means it's deleting

everything so you're going to have to

redo all your games but if you really

cannot get into your iPod business what

you have to do so you click restore and

up restore and it says connecting iPod

and then you have to agree to all this

crap and and then it says downloads

right here and this takes a long time

like that's only like half of what it

takes and then once that's done it'll be

like a new iPod and there we have it