Forgot iPod PASSWORD: How to FIX IT without a restore

today we're going to bypass the iPod

disabled screen without restoring the

iPod this will work with iPhones up to 4

4s as long as it's running 5.01 hasn't

been grid operated to 5.1 so what we're

going to do is first prepare the iPod

ahead of time by putting it into DFU

mode in order to do that we're going to

go ahead and power it down and we can do

this now we can actually do it later on

if we want to I'm gonna go ahead and do

it beforehand it's already plugged into

the computer go ahead and turn the

device off and wait till that little

spinning wheel comes on the center of

the screen and then we know it's

completely powered down what we're going

to do is press the power button until

the Apple shows up then we're going to

also press the home button at the same

time keep them both depressed until the

screen blacks out and then we'll release

the power button continue holding the

home so there's power home go ahead and

hold on to a screen blacks out and then

release the power button go ahead and

keep on holding the home button until

you see the device appear in DFU mode on

your computer you should have a dialog

or if iTunes hasn't already opened it

probably will and tell you that you need

a restore and once you close out of that

we're going to go ahead and open up the

Gecko toolkit here and this will take a

couple seconds to process and I have

black bars on the sides of my screen

because I thought this screen capture

software well it's new so I'll have to

live with that for now

now the toolkit will open up here and

what we're going to do is select the

bypass iTunes or iPhone disabled tab so

the second one from the left and once we

do that we can use the drop-down to

select our device in this case it's

going to be an iPod 2nd generation you

can see there's some other options there

go ahead and click on the bypass button

and you'll have a prompt here that says

to put the device into DFU mode but

remember we've already done that

beforehand so you don't have to worry

about that now although you have the

option of putting it into DFU mode at

this point once we do that we're going

to go ahead and click on OK and we'll

have another dialog that opens up here


what we're looking for down here at the

bottom is the prompt that says the the

root password has been or the password

has been set to alpine and you'll see

that show up shortly this is a

relatively short process meanwhile on

the device what you're going to see as

the screen will flash white for a second

and then we'll have a little spinning

wheel at the bottom momentarily and then

what we're looking for is an apple with

the progress bar that does not move

so there's your spinning wheel now we're

going to see a progress bar with an

apple but it's not going to go anywhere

it's just going to stay there on the

screen this is going to prompt us to go

back to the dialog and this one on the

top left-hand corner here you see we've

got root and Alpine here we're going to

go ahead and close this screen and at

this point you'll have a little message

here that says if a dialog pops up

asking you to click Y or n for yes or no

go ahead and type in N and then click

enter keep that in mind we'll see that

show up here in just a second go ahead

and click on OK and let's see if we can

make some room here and here's the

pop-up dialog I was talking about down

here you're going to see it you've got

an option for yes or no just go ahead

and click in n for no and then hit enter

and that will disappear go back on the

iPod and what we're looking for here is

it's going to reboot and when it does we

won't have the iPod disabled to connect

to itunes message anymore what we'll be

able to do is enter our password if we

know what it is if you don't know your

password you will still have to perform

this to bypass the iPod disabled screen

and then you can go to the other video

that I have which will actually show you

how to read the password but as long as

you're an iPod disabled connect to

itunes you cannot read the password you

have to bypass the screen first and as

you'll see here shortly the device is

going to reboot and when it does you'll

have the option to enter your password

and now the disabled message as you can

see is gone and you have your password