How to fix forgot password on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

what's up guys just got a new hat do you

like it my sister got it for me when she

went to the beach anyways let's get on

the video so in my last video at the end

of it I showed that my hot pot had been

locked and like that's the only thing I

can think of to refer to it if you have

a passcode lock on your iPhone or iPod

or iPad somebody tries to get into it

and I think it's five attempts if they

try to get into it it will lock your

ipod up for like a minute then if they

try again five minutes then or two

minutes or something like that but every

time they try that it's more time to it

but somehow this iPod right here which

actually has a cracked screen was not

messed with because I went to California

and New Jersey and I was going for about

a month and I came home to find them

iPod was like this try again in like 21

bajillion million minutes so that wasn't

good and I just want a mini fridge yes

anyways so I thought I'd do a quick

little video because I seen when I did

post that in the last video that a lot

of people are like haha your iPods

locked up forever and I can't use it

no it's an easy fix actually so I

thought I'd go ahead and show you guys

if your iPod ever gets locked up like

this how you can fix it so basically

here's what you got to do go ahead have

iTunes opened up on your computer and go

ahead and have your iPod iPhone or iPad

plugged in and you're just gonna have to

put it into what's called DFU mode if

you don't know how to do that it's

actually really simple okay so we're

going to do is hold the home and power

buttons in for about 10 seconds and then

you're in release as soon as you see the

black screen and then you're going to

release the power button but continue to

hold the home button so it's pretty easy

so let's go ahead hold the home with

power buttons keep holding them in

counter ten seconds and then there you

go release the power button and keep

holding in the home button just give it

a second and there you go as you see the

iPod looks like it's still turned off

but iTunes pops up and says it is

detected in iPod in recovery mode this

is actually called restore or not

restore mode bit up but uh DFU mode so

that's what you need to see you need a

black screen on your device and then

basically all you have to do now

depending on what

your own Mac or PC you're going to have

to hold the option key on Mac or the

shift key on PC you hold it in and you

click restore now what it's going to do

is I open up the desktop and you can

select your firmware if you don't want

to do it this way and you just want to

update to the newest firmware or

whatever it is you can go ahead and just

hit the restore button and it will go

ahead and download the firmware for you

if you do want to download your own

firmware and restore to that firmware

basically as I said you hold the option

or shift key and then you save it to

your desktop and select the firmware but

what you can do is go to the website

I'll have it in the link below or in the

description below and you can download

the firmware for your device whatever

firmware you want there so that's

basically it you go ahead I'm going to

go ahead and restore this but I don't

have the firmware download right now I

just want to show you guys how simple

that is

and that fixes your iPod by being locked

up or if you forget the password or

anything all right that's it thanks for

watching hopefully this helps you out

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