hey guys crazy Tech dad here I have a

disabled ipod touch that belongs to one

of my boys you can see that has been

disabled for over 24 million minutes and

that's roughly 42 years I don't think he

wants to wait that long for this to be

working again so I'm going to show you

how to restore this ipod touch to its

original factory settings it will delete

everything is on the iPod and if you do

not have a backup copy already stored on

itunes then you're going to lose

everything this trick will work with any

generation of ipod touch and iphone as

you can see it's disabled and it will no

me put a password back in for more than

42 years so what you need to do for this

to work you need to have iTunes

installed on your computer you need to

have a USB connection for the iPod or

iPhone and just follow these simple

steps so go ahead and connect your iPod

to your computer and you're going to see

that you get an error message on your

itunes that says that you have to enter

the password into the ipod in order for

it to work with itunes however we can't

do that so what we're going to do is go

ahead and show you how to restore it so

what you're going to want to do is

you're going to reboot this in DFU mode

I'm going to go ahead and cancel this

little message over here on the itunes

so that way you can see the new message

when it comes up to reboot in DFU mode

which is device firmware upgrade you're

going to hold down the home button which

is up here and the homes I'm sorry the

power button which is up here and the

home screen button down here until the

screen goes black and then you're going

to release the power button continuing

to hold down the home button until you

get a message on the iTunes so screens

on will shave it to screen so on I'm

going to hold them both down until the

screen goes black so I've got the power

button held down and the home button

screen went black I'm going to go ahead

and release the power button and I'm

still holding on to the

home screen button and here in a second

you'll see a message pop up on your

iTunes and when that does you can go

ahead and release the home screen button

so now you can see that I have a message

on the iTunes it says it's detect

detected an iPod the recovery mode you

must restore the iPod before it can be

used with I will go ahead and hit OK and

then I'm gonna hit restore iPod and it's

telling me that it's going to restore

the iPod to its factory settings all

mita and other data will be erased in

the newest version the iPod software

will be installed and you go ahead and

go ahead and do that if we store an

update go ahead and accept the software

upgrade update agreement and then now

you just have to wait for the update to

download from the internet and restore

your iPod you don't want to disconnect

the iPod from the computer just leave it

connected actually just don't even kind

of mess with it just leave it alone

because you may interrupt the process

doesn't look like anything's going on on

the screen so you might want to shut

down itunes or unplug it because you

think something's not happening but if

you look up here in the corner no maybe

a little hard to see there you go a

little download arrow is circulating

meaning that the software is updating if

you click on it it's going to show you

that the iPod software update is

downloading and it has however many

minutes remaining on this one it says we

have 25 minutes remaining so when this

comes done I'll come back and show you

how to fix the rest of it okay we're

back the update is almost completed on

the iPod is getting ready to reboot here

and iTunes itself is telling us that

welcome to our new iPod and we can

either restore this from a backup which

we do not have or set up as a new iPod

which will end up daily

my son does have an I Tunes account so

hopefully he'll be able to restore all

of his apps that he had purchased I'm

using his iTunes cards so there it is

the iPod is brand-new set up ready to go

and we'll go ahead and do the restore

from here so I hope you enjoyed the

video please comment down below if you

have any questions and if this ended up

helping you I don't forget to subscribe

have a good day