iPhone is Disabled? How to Unlock iPhone/iPad

hello welcome to FonePaw Channel this video  is about how to unlock your iPhone or iPad  

one day you might face a problem that  your iPhone or iPad is locked for no reason

this video is telling you  how to fix iPhone is locked

but you should know that it will erase your  data so you'd better have a backup

as you can see if we'll locking devices  after you input an incorrect password 11 times or less

and it said that iPhone  is disabled connect to iTunes on the screen

then I will show you two ways to unlock the device

First, it's the FonePaw iOS system recovery  which provides you several modes  

to restore your iPhone or iPad click start and follow the tips.

It will show you how to get your  iPhone to enter the recovery motor DFU mode

and there are some differences  between iPhone 7 and other iPhone

but it's easy to do with the tips

after entering the DFU mode and you need to choose  the advanced mode which will erase your passcode

then select the information of your device

the last thing is to click the repair button

the program will download the newest firmware  from Apple and try to restore your iPhone or iPad

in the end, you can set up your iPhone as a  new one

the second way to unlock the device with iTunes

for reference make your iPhone enter  the DFU mode with the tips on FonePaw iOS system recovery

then iTunes will detect your device  and click restore the iPhone restore and upgrade  

next agree now wait for the  download and iTunes will do the rest

in the end, you can set up  your iPhone as a new one

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