How to Reset & Restore Apple iPhone XR - Factory Reset (Forgot Passcode) (iPhone is Disabled Fix)



hey guys johnathan here from tech

majesty calm today I'm going to be

showing you how to reset and restore the

iPhone 10 are now if your phone is stuck

on the iPhone is disabled screen or if

you are stuck on the passcode screen and

don't know the passcode then this

solution will go ahead and help you out

to access the phone again so first thing

we will have to go ahead and do is hold

the volume down button and hold the

power button together this will give you

the this screen here go ahead and turn

the phone off after you turn the phone

off then go ahead and connect one end of

the USB cable to your computer as you

see there and the other end to your

iPhone after that go ahead and quickly

click on the volume up button once the

volume down button once then hold the

power button and hold it until you see

iTunes cable on the screen

and before you connect the iPhone to the

computer make sure you have iTunes open

on your computer all right so as you can

see we have the iTunes cable screen next

iTunes on your computer is going to tell

you you have iPhone connected in

recovery mode so once you get this

prompt you will go ahead and click on

the restore option then you will click

on the restore and update option make

sure you do not click on the update

option you need to click on the restore

option then click on the restore and

update option as you can see here agree

to the terms great next all right so

this process here can take anywhere from

five minutes all the way up to thirty

minutes it just depends how quick your

computer downloads the iOS for the phone

okay so iTunes has finished downloading

the iOS for this iPhone it is now in the

process of restoring the phone so as you

can see it's saying extracting software

so after this process is done then you

will see a change happen on the phone

screen so let's go ahead and wait for


alright so iTunes is now restoring the

aia iOS on the phone here

okay so after the status bar is fully

completed then the phone is going to

reboot and we will land on the hello

screen so let's go ahead and wait for

that alright so iTunes is almost done

restoring the iOS on this iPhone here

just a little bit more to go

as you can see iTunes is now telling us

that this iPhone has been restored to

factory settings and is now restarting

almost done almost there

all right finally we are on the hello

screen alright so let's go ahead and

quickly go through the setup process

choose your language choose your country

now you will need an active SIM card in

order to go through the activation

process so go ahead and choose your

Wi-Fi alright so I'm just going to go

ahead and quickly go through the setup

process here

and here we go we can now fully access

this iPhone so guys it's as simple as

that to do this process if this video

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