Forgot iPhone 7 Passcode? 3 BEST Way to Fix without iTunes

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Welcome to Tenorshare channel.

When you forgot your passcode and attempt to get disabled iphone 7 by wrong password

multiple times.

It’s a nightmare to us.

Today we are going to show you two best ways on how to unlock iphone 7 without iTunes.

Method 1.

Unlock disabled iphone 7 using iCloud In this way, you need to have a computer and

all data will be removed in your iphone 7.

Go to www.icloud.com/find, login your iCloud account.

Choose find iPhone.

Click on All Devices, then choose iphone 7, Erase iphone.


Then enter password to confirm again.

Your iphone will be reset back to factory settings.

When it done, the iphone 7 becomes fresh as new and you can set up again.

If you have problem in using iCloud.

You can try Method 2.

Unlock disabled iphone 7 using Tenorshare 4uKey.

Download and install 4uKey.

I had put the download link in the description below.

Then connect your iphone 7 with USB cable.

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