iCloud Unlock✔ Disable iPhone Unlock Without Wifi/Passcode/Apple ID✔ Success July 2021

hello everyone welcome to unlock Apple

any iOS and today's video we're going to

unlock an iPhone on your screen at the

moment you can see today's video is

special because first we're going to

erase this iPhone as normal this phone

is not connected with any Wi-Fi you can

see on the top right corner and forget

an Apple ID and password both applies

here first we don't know the password to

unlock and I've been told this iPhone

has also iCloud lock as well and iCloud

link with an email address so this is

two in one video so you just have to

follow the full process to get 100%

iCloud unlock into your iPhone iPad iPod

Apple watch so just follow the same

thing if we do not know the password and

right now this iPhone is disabled as you

can see on your screen and very simple

and very normal we have to connect this

iPhone somehow with Wi-Fi without Wi-Fi

we can not do anything so we will go to

if you follow how I am doing

no video cards everything is straight

and you can see here the battery sign is

yellow that means this is this is on

lost mode at the moment I have received

a lot of requests so I decided to give

this important information to everyone

that if you can follow this you will get

for 100% free so stop paying to everyone

and just make your iPhone free from

iCloud lock and if you forget your Apple

ID your password right now what we have

to die is everybody watching the same

thing what I am doing is okay right now

we write down ten times

and then five times with dial after five

times dialing we are going to dial here

star one nine six star everybody even

you love it living in UK USA Africa Asia

Russia or anywhere in Middle East or in

Europe you have to die the same thing to

get your Wi-Fi on the top right corner

the best you can do you can be in the

area where you do not have a password

with a Wi-Fi so that can be easier if

you have a password in your Wi-Fi don't

worry the thing I'm going to do is you

will do the same thing and you will get

the same results okay

so now again we have to go same thing


then dial the same thing okay you can

see I'm trying to make slow as possible

everybody can understand the thing I'm

doing you can put SIM card in your phone

you do not have to put a sim card in

your phone so this thing doesn't matter

so many people ask me a question do we

have to put SIM card or not so you can

put or you don't have to put right now I

have a SIM card in this form of Quartus

I phone is low to network as well that's

what you cannot see so once we will

complete this process we will see if you

really get success in unlocking network

carrier anywhere in the world as well ok

right now we dial a need to be different

so he just died in same thing once you

do that you press hash fifteen times

after this one and you see the result we

press fifteen time pound button and we

start dialing now once we start dialing

after this what do we get we keep

dialing star button at the moment we did

not get the Wi-Fi sign we should have a

Wi-Fi sign and what you see on your top

right corner of this iPhone on your

iPhone we are you applying these things

you will get the star button now we're

going to forward to the next step

in next step in next step what we have

to do is we have to dial now without

wasting against our button everybody

doing same thing and now you are getting

the numbers more good and look what will

happen how easily we will remove this

iPhone without password so we will get

the normal screen of the iPhone by

dialing this once we dial again we have

to dial hash fifteen times and we see

the results which are 15 times and we

start dialing now once we start dialing

we will try what we can get the results

the information I have this one is this

set is 100% even 1,000,000% works so for

one side I agree as we dial these

numbers and what did we get that we get

the Wi-Fi we don't know from where this

Wi-Fi comes from the only thing I know

is everything is working as I have been

told you can see

I dialed these numbers and after these

numbers what we get the phone goes to

off and on again so that means the first

part for those people they forget them

passwords of them iPhones they can just

do this first five minutes video and get

your iPhone done without passcode and

the next partner is going to start for

those they have iCloud rock as well so

this iPhone is right now on iCloud lock

we're going to try the information on

the third step that we really get this

iCloud log unlock as well okay so first

five minutes for those and now next we

will see how long it may take to unlock

this iPhone totally from all kind of

locks so right now if your iPhone is

linked to an Apple ID or you have

disabled iPhone or disable Apple ID or

you have iCloud activation log so this

is going to be now for you don't forget

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and share it and comment if you would

like according to your questions and

always keep an eye on your answers of

always replying to people and now we are

almost ready to go for our third step

now at this time the iPhone I am having

is I can show you at the same time the

iPhone we have is the latest one the

reason for me to use this that if this

process can work in this iPhone it will

work for everybody

and you can see the latest iPhone we are

using okay now in this time what we

really going to do is going forward to

the third step

okay now press your language and this

time you're going to press whatever

country appears into your iPhone iPad

iPod or Apple watch you do it and you

going forward to the next step now here

you're going to connect normally your

Wi-Fi if you have at home if you have a

free one this is important to have a

Wi-Fi once we do that very simple we're

going to the check if this iPhone really

have an iCloud activation lock or not

once we do that we will find out the

real results of that what we can do next

sometime it take me and it may takes

really long that some time it penny can

be quicker it depends on your internet

here for now you can see the activation

log is armed so in this situation if you

have activation log on what you really

have to do is very simple thing you

going back to your Wi-Fi settings and

without wasting too much time you just

going to your dns configuration into

manual and here you adding number if you

remember we did add before was very

simple thing without any headache you

just dial this you press save button is

manual here and you play click the back

icon you see these I your Wi-Fi is

connecting press done button and press

back button and now we are waiting this

is all the information I have received

and they said this is a 1 million

percent working

we are not so far as I said again you

really need to have a good internet

connection to get the fast and if you

skip a single small step from this video

you're not getting your results there

you go very easily we did unlock this

big iPhone that is having at the moment

third point to our us there is the

latest one how easily we unlock this

iPhone so if you have iPhone that is

iPhone 4 or 4s or any that having iOS 7

8 9 will be more than easier and quicker

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I really appreciate your support thank

you for watching