Quick Unlock Disable iPhone & iCloud Activation Lock Any iPhone/iPad Any iOS WithOut Wifi

hello everyone I'm going to unlock a


see on your screen I have just received

this iPhone today and as you can see

this is a brand new iPhone some

understand me because they said this

iPhone is as you can see on your screen

is disabled already and the interesting

thing is this iPhone is not connected to

any Wi-Fi so if our phone is not

connected to a Wi-Fi you cannot do

anything so that's the reason I am

making this video with this iPhone and I

have received an very important

information that I believe that I can

unlock this iPhone today so this is

video for those people they have a

disabled iPhone like this one as you can

see on your screen and first we have to

make this iPhone normal as a normal

screen where you can go the startup

screen and from there you will see an

iCloud activation lock screen so that

person told me this iPhone is disabled

and iCloud lock as well so let's do

these two steps and we're going to

unlock hopefully so don't forget to like

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the unlocking okay now first thing of

course we have to connect with Wi-Fi so

I am going to the emergency screen as

you can see from the right corner you

can see this iPhone is disabled and this

is what we can see everywhere so nothing

happening right now what we can do now I

have to read and the information what I

have received and I have to go through

the information okay so you can make

your phones ready and you can start

doing same thing what I am doing if you

don't understand you can ask me question

I'm always answering everybody and once

you send me a comment please don't

forget to check the reply I always

but everyone okay so the first thing we

have to type here is star for nine star

three six star three one this thing we

have to write down with a broken-ass why

am I writing this

just follow the same procedure just to

unlock your iPhone okay so now we have

to connect this with a Wi-Fi so let's

press as you see it comes ever okay same

thing we have to press again star for

nine star three six star three one okay

hash again again we have to press dial

button you can see still nothing

happening on the top right corner there

is no Wi-Fi signals without Wi-Fi we can

know to anything and on a disabled

iPhone you can you cannot connect with a

Wi-Fi so this is the method I'm going to

do and I'm trying in front of you so the

instruction I have received I'm

following the instructions so again for

star four nine star three six star three

one hash

okay we have pressed again dismiss again

we have to press again dismiss again

press again dismiss I can press again

dismiss we have to try this thing around

three to four minutes or if we can get

more quick we will be more than happy to

have this Wi-Fi press dismiss press

dismiss you can see the numbers what I

just type so we are waiting till that

time we will get this Wi-Fi on the top

corner as you can see on the top right

corner so we have to keep pressing this

is an instructions I have received so we

are hoping to get this done as soon as


still you have any questions you can

write down your questions and as I said

don't forget to check the reply I always

reply to everybody okay

you can see we have to try and this is

the hardest part as this is I u.s. 12

but this thing is 100% working with all

kind of a us on your iPhone so there is

nothing to worry about okay - as you see

on the top right corner the Wi-Fi

appears so when our Wi-Fi appears it

means you can see the things we were

trying so this phone is belongs to

someone the person who gave me to unlock

as you can see the method works the

first step is done on the screen you can

see okay now we have to go cancel again

we have to commit in C button so now

first step Wi-Fi is connected we don't

know till now which Wi-Fi is that the

things I had received according to that

I'm just folding so we will see in

future once we gonna have normal screen

with the iCloud lock we're gonna see on

that time that which Wi-Fi exactly is

that okay so the next step we have to

follow this we have to go we have two

ties one more code to make this phone

normal as it should be okay so for that

we have a code okay we going to dial

star 1 1 8 star 5 star 96 star 3 7 and

hash and enter once we enter and you see

same thing coming so we have to do this

thing few times till the time we will

get the mainstream of this iPhone ok

star 1 1 8 star 5 star 96 star 3 7-9

dismiss dial dismiss one more time star

1 1 8 star 5 star 96 star 37 hash again

we have to keep pressing same thing what

we were doing if we can get any chance


thing that we can make it so we have to

keep doing the same thing how we get

success in to connect with Wi-Fi same

thing we are doing now here yeah

this means you just have to remember

this thing that this is not easy but we

are doing our best to connect this

iPhone with the server or with the Wi-Fi

what we get already that we can make

this iPhone and unlock ok we have to

keep pressing sometimes it can take

really long for us to do this thing but

of course anything for free we can keep

try again say ok now again we have to

write down the same path to same

password record star 1 1 8 star 5 star

96 start 37 and hash now we have to see

one thing press star key pressing star

dial button okay we have to keep some

time in between as well that this for

not going to be hanged because I have

received something liver only get hanged

but this is good news if your phone is

getting hang on that time at least you

are sure that your phone will be working

okay keep pressing this thing how I'm

doing you have to do the same thing as

you see we the code we apply that really

works so if you want to write down that

code again I can tell you one more time

that code so that code was star one one

eight star five star mighty six star 37

as you see the phone goes let me start

so we can see the things we have

received today is really working phone

is into your screen and you don't forget

to like this video share it comment it

really helps at the same time I'm trying

to help you maximum I can now we have to

wait for this phone to be restart as you

can see it's almost half done

almost half left then rest we have to

follow to the next code we have two more

codes to put inside and this form should

be working normally

so we believe to unlock for free without

paying to anyone and you have to ignore

messages coming to the comment section

about hacking or Instagram or pain just

ignore them this channel does not

support anyone who's asking you for


okay we have to wait as you can see I'm

trying to make easy impossible for


okay we have hello screen swipe up

English okay now you have to choose

country okay you have to choose country

Sweden okay click on Sweden alright

this is the complete unlocking what I'm

doing today setup manual Oh as you see

we have Apple Wi-Fi it means we

connected with the Apple Wi-Fi so the

password should be Apple for everyone to

see I pull one two three four five

should be the password let's see this is

the deal password or not yeah this is

the password you can see on your screen

this is the real password okay you can

see on your screen

yeah this is the lock screen on your

phone you can see okay now

yeah okay you can see the activation

lock screen on your iPhone so it means

now we are entering on the second step

in this second step what we really have

to do just going back one more time for

everyone to see on the top we have Apple

Wi-Fi that will connect with these codes

this one is not more disabled and on the

screen we have iCloud activation lock or

link to any Apple ID so now I have to

clear this thing so let's go to the main

and I think straight away and we have to

press this button together okay now we

have to press this button you're going

to Wi-Fi setting straight away once we

go to Wi-Fi settings click on this I

pattern of the Apple 1 going to

configuration click manual and head ok

here we have to write down 100.4 t 2.50

okay that's the one number we add ok now

second number we have to add is 1 4.1 1

4.25 ok there's an easy number we add we

don't have to add any domain here save

this go back and done ok again back and

as you see on the top the Wi-Fi

disappears it appears again so the

things we add it should work so this is

our main priority that we can provide

you the free unlocking service very

clear you can see why if I comes and go

on the numbers we add was 100% real

numbers so they are working as

as we can make so I just add these

numbers and they get straightaway

connected as you can see this is very


iCloud unlock even even in a disabled

mode for everyone to see this thing ok

set up as a new iPhone don't have Apple

ID so you see we did not connect this

Wi-Fi with this iPhone with any Wi-Fi we

connect this level the codes we add and

with these scores we get this iPhone

done there you go you have your iPhone

ready just for everyone to see

everything is off it is connected with

Apple Wi-Fi Bluetooth is on

automatically I don't know how go to

general about and you can see our US

number clove thank you for watching

don't forget to subscribe and like