How to Bypass "iPhone is Disabled" On Any iPhone


ever supplies my name is Kasia and in

this video I am going to show you how

you can bypass iPhone is disabled error

so let's get started if your iphone says

iPhone is disabled try again in Ex

minute or a voice like iPhone is

disabled connect to itunes so we can fix

this error message and get your iPhone

working again

so let's see what are the steps to

unlock or bypass this lock first of all

go to the description and visit this

website and download the latest firmware

for your iPhone like in my case I have

right now iPhone 5 so I'll download

iPhone 5

let us found where to download first

select the identify my iOS device option

this option will help you to choose

exact model of your iPhone which you

have in your hand now type the model

number of your iPhone and you can see

the model number on the back of I phone

so download it from here

and now download the latest iTunes and

install it I have already installed the

iTunes so I'll not download it now in

your phone present hold the power button

and power of your phone I now connect it

via Mac computers so press and hold the

home button and connect it via computer

scientists Lee joining it by lightning

cable now your iPhone will boot into

iTunes restore mode whatever it is


I don't know exact name of this mode if

you get this type of pop-up close it and

it click on restore iPhone at the same

time you have to hold shift button to

open the selection folder select the

downloaded file and click on open and

click on restore it will start the

process and don't do anything at the

time of installation


you can see on iphone i am on i'm on

iphone welcome page and just you have to

do is set it up and you are done and you

have bypassed the iphone is disabled

error but from the next time make sure

to keep in mind your iphones passcode

thank you so much guys for watching this

video if you have any query regarding

this video hit me up and I'll try my

best to answer it if this video helped

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will see you in the next one