How to Unlock Disabled iPhone/iPad/iPod without iTunes or Passcode

hello people how are you welcome to iOS

pro hacker and in this quick video I'm

going to show you that how you can fix

your iPhone if it is stuck a knife on

his disabled screen without using iTunes

yes guys this method is totally free and

it works on all iPhones iPads iPods I

have an iPhone 6s so I'm gonna fix this

phone so let's get started to the

tutorial so the first step is to

download a frame your file of an iPhone

from IPSW dot mean and here you need to

select your Apple device which device

you want to fix and I'm gonna select

iPhone because I have iPhone 6s and here

are all the lists of the iPhones to

select but if you're having trouble in

finding your iPhone so simply click on

identify my device in the top menu of

webpage and now here select your device

iPhone iPad or iPod I'm gonna select

iPhone cuz I have an iPhone 6s now the

last thing is to put our phones model

number into this box to identify which

one do we have so you will find the

little model number written on the back

side of your iPhone iPad iPod so simply

fill that box with your model number

and now click the green button and here

you will see the list of framers and you

will need to click on the green the red

ones will not work so just click on this

and you will see the download button

here so click the download button and it

will start downloading a file a framer

file for your iPhone and it is depend on

your internet speed because it's a

bigger file so it takes time depends on

your internet speed so I have already

downloaded it and copied it to the

desktop you can see the file this one

here and now we are going to flash our

iPhone for that we need to download

three tools and we're not going to use

iTunes so visit three EUCOM and press

this big download button to download the

tool I have already installed this on my

computer so without enough talking let's

open three tools and start flashing our

device now here is the three tools and

the next step is to connect our iPhone

iPad iPod to our computer make sure to

use original Apple lightning data cable

to avoid errors while flashing


and now click on flesh and JB in three

tools and now here into the pro flash

and you will see import favorite button

here just click it and now find that

framer file we have downloaded just now

which I have copied it to my desktop so

I'm gonna select it and now simply press

the flash button at the bottom so the

last step is to put our phone into the

DfE mode and three tools is showing the

steps for that and here you can see that

this is for iPhone 8 and later devices

this is for iPhone 7 and here are the

steps to put iPhone 6s or other devices

into the DfE month so I'm gonna follow

these steps to put my phone into the DfE

mode so it's simple power button and

volume wouldn't freak so let's try it

out I have an iPhone 6s so I'm gonna put

it into the DfE mode so to put it into

the DfE mode we need to press and hold

the power and home button and when the

screen goes black release the power

button and keep pressing the home button

I did it the wrong way because when we

put our phone into the DfE mode our

phone screen remains black so let's try

it again and let me change the USB port

you can also change the USB port if you

are having trouble so let's try it again

and unplug and plug it in the game ok

now press and hold the power and home

button and when the screen goes black I

just release the power button and keep

pressing the home button and soon you

will see your phone here you can see the

3d tools has detected my iPhone and here

you can see the status - 6s it is

detected now

the flashing process has started now you

have to wait until the process completes

it takes about 3 to 5 minutes to

complete the process

and I don't want to make a long video so

I'm gonna skip this part and will make

the video

speed faster I forgot to tell you one

more thing that this will erase your

iPhone iPad iPod and your all data will

be erased from your device and when the

phone isn't disabled stayed it is not

possible to fix it without losing the

data yes unfortunately there is no way

to get the data back to a device if it

is stuck on this able screen sorry for

that so the phone has turn on simply set

up your phone now select language

country whatever so this was the method

to fix your iPhone iPad iPod if it is

stuck on this abled screen without

iTunes if you're having any kind of

errors while flashing so use iTunes

instead of 3d tools so it may work for

you so thank you so much guys for

watching this video I hope you liked

this video so don't forget to share the

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video peace out