how to fix a disabled iPhone 5 5s 6 6s 6plus 6s plus- connect to iTunes- Forgotten Password



hello friends welcome to this new

tutorial today I have here this iPhone 6

and it's disabled so today I'm going to

show you how to fix this problem by the

way the method that I'm going to show

you on this video it will work for all

iPhone 6s

that means iPhone 6 6 s 6s plus and 6

plus all of them is the same thing also

it will work for the iPhone 7 and 7 plus

and up with like some very very minor

differences ok so to do this job or to

fix this phone you just need USB cable

the one that you are using to charge the

phone and you will need a computer and

you will need an internet connection ok

so let's go to the computer division

below alright so I'm here in the

computer now and what I need to do first

I need to connect this cable here to the

USB port on the computer then I will

plug the phone here so once I plug the

phone to the computer the iTunes window

is going to open here so let me show you

I'm gonna plug it now

and I'm not gonna do anything so on the

computer you see it's searching no the

ITRs should open so we have now the

iTunes windows once you have the items

windows et as we here iTunes could not

connect to this phone and unmount air or

cure the water body just close this

windows and we will have here items by

the way for those who doesn't have

iTunes it's very easy

let me put it let me minimize this one

you just need to go to Google and type

on the search let me show you so you can

just come here to Google and you're

gonna type on the search itunes download

ok so I have it here so this is the link

I'm not gonna hit enter and you see here

go to the download then you can download

this okay and once you download the

items you need to install it and you

gonna finish from there alright so let

me close this window so we already have

iTunes here right so now what I need to

do we're gonna go back to the phone so

when you what I need to do here I need

to put this phone into the recovery mode

so the recovery mode or the iTunes mode

is the mode that allows you to connect

the phone to the computer and do the

changes on it if you wanna like update

it or restore it or whatever okay so we

have to put this iPhone on the itunes

mode I just need to push the home button

and hold it then the power button but

remember while the cable is connected if

you are not if the cable is not

connected you're not gonna go to the

itunes mode or the recovery mode so I'm

going to push the home button holding it

and they will hold the power button and

keep holding both buttons at the same

time until I see connect to itunes keep


okay keep holding don't release both

buttons all right so now the phone is on

the items mode as you see so now it will

show me here this Windows as you see

this windows popped out here so it gives

me two options update or restore so in

my case because I don't know what is the

password on this phone I will just

restore it okay so to restore it it will

I mean by restoring it I will delete all

the information on the phone and

everything gonna be lost and the phone

will start fresh and if you have an

Apple ID on the phone you will need the

right Apple ID and it's password if you

don't have it you're gonna stuck right

there and you cannot move to the next

step but if you already remember your

password you just like for some reason

got your phone got disabled you can do

the update if you don't want to lose

your information' just hit update and

the phone will give you the chance to

put the password one more time alright

so in my case i don't know what is the

password and the owner of this phone he

already knows what is the Apple ID and

it's personal so that's why I'm just

gonna hit restore and also he doesn't

care for the information that he have on

the phone so remember update it will

give you the chance to put the password

one more time or maybe a couple more

times and this poor will delete

everything on the phone and bring your

phone back like to the manufacturers

subjects so I will hit restore so once I

hit restore the phone can stay in this

mode like this let me just put it down

then here it is me are you sure you want

to restore the iPhone and you can read

this text if you want to see what is

still in user so for me I'm just gonna

cover restore and update and once I

restore and update what's going to

happen if you have the software well or

the firmware only they already

downloaded to your computer the phone

gonna go to the extract option here

extracting software but if the software

is not downloaded you will see a small


well here in this side and it tells you

how long it's gonna take to download the

firmware I already downloaded the

firmware sometimes the firmware takes

like hours to download maybe 45 minutes

1 hour 2 hours it depends on your

internet speed and the phone during the

the wait time the phone gonna get out

from these items mode so once the

download finish you need to do the the

same steps that we shall I showed you

how to bring the items mode like this in

the beginning

alright so now what I'm gonna do I'm

just going to wait until the software

gets extracted and once it's finished it

will do the the next step by itself so I

don't have to do anything I'm just going

to leave the phone aside and wait for

maybe couple I think 15 minutes or more

to all the process finish so what I'm

going to do now I will just pause the

video and they will come back once the

next step is coming so the phone will

reboot sometimes maybe a couple times

and then it will finish when we go to

the computer here it looks like it's

finished so I'm just waiting for this

step to be done

all right here in the here in the

computer it shows me that it's

connecting to the iPhone

voila as you see here on the computer it

tells me that this one has an iCloud and

the owner of this phone he already knows

what is the iCloud so we need to put the

iCloud here

the Apple ID in this box then the

password then we're gonna hit continue

so that's why I mentioned in the

beginning that if you don't know what is

the Apple ID and the password on the

phone you still gonna stock on this

screen and you cannot use the phone at

all okay so let me just wait here to see

the main screen

it's too long all right so now the phone

is in the activation screen so here we

just need to select the language then

we're gonna select the contrary then

we're gonna go to setup manually here

then we need to connect the phone to the

Wi-Fi and after that the phone will ask

for the Apple ID okay so if you have the

Apple ID you can just put the Apple ID

and hit next next next until you go to

the home screen but if you don't have

the Apple ID

you're gonna stock right here you cannot

go anywhere and you cannot use this one

alright guys so I hope that this video

helped you to solve your problem if it

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peace see you next video have a

wonderful time