How to free up locked ATV/ dirt bike motor.


all right now in the garage tonight this

playing around a bit not really doing

anything in particular I'm at a

standstill a little bit with the 91 LT

to 30 e over there I got some Sam

blasting to do I got all these parts

ready but I'm gonna do that this weekend

I got this cardboard set up I put

outside it's like octagon shaped and I

put a tarp down and I do on my

sandblasting outside but the weather's

been kind of cruddy here in upstate New

York still it's uh I think today's 25th

or 26th of March but this weekend's

supposed to be nice supposed to be

lower 60s but we'll take it so anyway I

got this old 230s motor that was part of

a part squad that I bought and I had it

out the other day because I was

comparing it to the LT 230 II motor that

I just polished up so this thing it's

it's hung up and get this camera stays

still here if you can see right here I

got the the clutch engaged I just stuck

a piece of brass I had in there to keep

it engaged there's no spark plug in it

so there should be really no compression

and that's the decompression release

right there but so there's no no

compression built up in this and I can't

budge that thing a couple days ago I

actually filled it up with some PB

Blaster right through the spark plug

hole and that's been sitting in there

and it's not budging so I don't really

need to do anything with this motor

right now but again I'm just trying to

kill some time so I think I'm gonna pop

this head off tonight and see if I can't

take a look in there and see what's

going on okay we have 11 bolts that hold


copy this head on so it's a ten

millimeter socket I'm gonna go ahead and

remove those I always go crisscross

taking these off this so you don't tweak



all right so I ended up getting the

cover off and just something to keep in

mind because the motor was hung up I

didn't know what position to motor was

in so when you take these bolts out like

I said I always kind of do in the star

pattern anyway so once you get to your

last couple be careful as you're taking

them off because not knowing what

position the motors and the valve

springs may have some pressure on them

stone it kind of wants to kick the cover

off so it popped up on me a little bit I

was expecting it but just keep that in

mind sometimes they don't go flying

right off on you but what I ended up

doing is I took the magneto cover off

and I got my half inch ratchet on here

and it took a little bit took a little

effort but I actually got it to break

free so not sure what I'm gonna do with

it at this point there's the kickstart

so I don't know I might maybe I got an

old frame out in the shed maybe throw it

in a frame and rig up a muffler and I

got the carburetor for it maybe see put

some fresh oil in and see if it runs or

I may end up taking it down and ripping

it apart and rebuilding it just for the

sake of doing it and I can make a series

of videos on that not sure yet like I

said I had some time to kill so I

figured I'd play around with this

tonight but that's it look out for some

future videos I have coming up