Reset any Generic or Chinese Android Tablet Easy


Oh guys Ricardo welcome to another blog

tech tips there'll be a rola tablet

which is a generic Android tablet less

matter which version or what tablet you

will have founders no-show you have to

do a hard reset on any of these tablets

they basically use the same procedure

for resetting so doesn't matter the

brand it's going to pull off don't show

you how to do a hard reset by doing

manually by going into copy

alright so as you can see you should

know this based on design these tablets

coming over at your colors they are

called a variety I think zeros generic

Chinese tablets right so we just cannot

wait to pull off once for if you're

going to hit the volume up on PO you're

going to keep all in volume up on pole

and some devices might be volume down

and pull so you're going to keep all the

volume up and pour on some devices as

soon as you see the logo like I roll up

you need to let go of the pole and keep

pulling up all right so it's gonna do

that you may need to experiment a bit

before you can get into recovery or it

might take a few tries all right so this

is give it some time also if you do this

right the tablet should not boot up if

it's good if it starts to boot up you

did not you did something wrong so you

need to start over

alright here we have another screen

called no command most is when you see

no come on you're gonna get power and

volume up our power and volume down


forgive me I'm operating this just one

on while operating the camera so my

movements are a bit sluggish art so

let's try hitting volume down and power

volume open PO are both volume opened

own and PO at the same time all right

and it should reach into this screen

here called recovery as you can see that

the options to reboot system know apply

a number of updates or you can go down

to the option wipe data and factory

reset which is the option we're looking

for you can use volume up and down to

move to the options and then you're

gonna use power to select alright so as

soon as I get all of this tablet here

but it's going to move down using the


geez all the way down to data fracture

reset I just need to get a grip on this

thing does you can second right there

you go so let's just move down low and

select wipe data / factory reset so can

I use power to select card so there we


now it gives your number of nodes on

screen on one yes all the way almost to

the middle you're going to scroll down

are you going to select with power yes

alright as you can see in yellow the

bottom left of the screen it says wipe

data formatting data and it shows

seriousiy all right let's give it some

time it's format in cash and and if you

give it a little bit more time it should

basically erase everything comes back to

the main screen I know our gonna do next

is going to reboot system no no while we

do this here device please move out to

backup your data before you begin this

process as this the name suggested to

wipe all the data on your device also we

do this in case you're locked out or you

forgot your password or your of up

database call discussion or f/11 send

first time setting up that's it okay and

let's give it some time for it to fully

boot up for the first time and it should

be fixed art so you can use a fixed

number of errors or if your device is

slow and laggy our guys in the meanwhile

until his boots up is recorded from

block tech tips and tech tip please

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tips in goodbye until next time bye