How to RESET PASSWORD on D2-727(G) & D2-927G?

well you forget your password all you

have to do is turn off your tablet

completely so hold down the power button

and click ok to shut them once the

tablet ships down press the plus volume

key and the power button at the same

time until a d2 logo shows up and let go

let go

and a broken rope Android robot will

show up once the detail ogo disappears

right now there's no options here so all

you have to do is press the power button

and press the plus volume button once so

hold down power button and press it once

now use the volume button to navigate to

the option which is wipe data/factory

reset' and press power button to select

the option and again go down to delete

all user data press power once the

process finished just click the power

button to reboot system now