How to pick a cheap lock (The Niki Show Episode 7)

one two three four hey boo do you think

we are going to crack this lock the

other day I was at Claire's and I

decided I was gonna splurge anything you

want from the clearance section up to

six dollars so I got this for two

dollars sweet as unicorns on it well the

reason why it was two dollars is that

there is no key for this lock no problem

I used to have a diary like this when I

was younger or maybe my sister did I

don't remember but whoever's door it was

I was able to pick it with a bobby pin

unfortunately I do not have a bobby pin

but I do have some other items and we

are going to try and see which of those

items will open this lock doot-doot

doot-doot doot-doot I've assembled a

group of items that I think could

possibly work to fit into this tiny hole

and open up the lock we have a key a

staple remover a scissors a slightly

dull pencil a nail a paper clip and this

hooky screw thing castor boats which one

do you think is going to open the lock

dude let's try the pencil okay it fits

in and I it turns but it's not doing

anything so sorry

pencil you're out all right let's try

this it's got some sharp points so nope

nope oh here's some things moving but

nope it's not a long enough now right

now we're going to try the scissors with

a very sharp end I think there's a good

possibility for this one so nope nope

all right well this is a lock we could

try a key this is a mailbox key Oh worst

one yet look it barely even fits inside

and next the nail okay goes all the way

I'm able to wiggle it around a little

bit no sorry nail you're out next let's

try this hooky screwy thing Oh guys I'm

feeling a little disappointed last but

not least the paperclip obviously that's

not gonna fit in so let's open up said

paperclip oh ah you got stuck but that

getting stuck did not do anything nope

boom well I'm going to open up this

paperclip okay no kind of bobby pin like

let's give it a try why won't you open

Oh what was that was that did you guys

you know next thing I'm gonna try

combining the nail and the paper clip

because that's what they do in the

movies right of course I think of the

movies they don't just twist things

around haphazardly like I'm doing oh it

worked and look look I always wanted to

know what was inside it's more unicorns

so there you have it if you're cheap 2

dollar diary key gets lost you can open

up the lock using a paperclip that

you've opened up and a nail or a bobby

pin like I used to now if I really

wanted to test this theory and see if it

actually works I would lock this back up

and try and open it again but you know

what that's long enough I don't want to

do that go pick some locks today I'm

glad you asked me to a show

Oh pick the lock who's gonna pick block

I'm gonna pick the lock doodoo