How to Open a Master Lock

hey guys today I'll be showing you guys

how to open a master lock many people

will know their combination but won't

know the process to actually opening the

lock opening a master lock is very

simple all you have to do is first

rotate the dials clockwise three times

around zero just to clear the internal

mechanism so there's two three and now

you land on your first number so for

example I'll say minus ten then what you

have to do is turn it counterclockwise

around your second number once and land

on it the second time you come around so

if my number is twenty I pass it once

and I stop the second time I come around

now I turn it back clockwise to my third

number the first time I pass it so if my

number were thirty I simply just stop on

thirty now all I have to do is just give

it a simple pool and the lock should