DiabloSport inTune i2 i2010 Challenger Overview

hi i'm matt with DiabloSport and we're

here today to get this 2012 challenger

srt8 tuned up with Diablo now we're

going to be using the new in tune to

which is part number I twenty ten to get

this car up to another 15 horsepower and

20 foot-pounds of torque to the tires

with the only change being just the

tuning on this device now this device

also has some other features for custom

customizing this vehicle for tires gear

ratio you can adjust your Phantom and a

lot of other great features that make

this a great product to have for this


now let's dive in and get this thing to

okay so now we're in the cab of this

challenger we're ready to get started

with the in tune to tuning so first

we'll take the open e to port connection

and route it down underneath the dash

you got to connect to that properly your

device will power up we'll go ahead and

turn the key to the on position as well

because it will require that now this is

a push button start so on this one you

actually press the button twice to get

it to the ignition run mode and now

we'll wait for it to boot up

all right now this first little warning

you're going to see is basically asking

you if you want to agree to the terms

this DiabloSport in tune is designed to

increase vehicle performance and fuel

economy never use the in tune during

vehicle operation so let's go ahead and

click yes now we're to the main menu

here so from here we can tune the

vehicle we can utilize the scan tool

features we're going to the settings of

the device since we're doing some

performance tuning here we're going to

go ahead hit tune vehicle so now it's

asking to make sure the key is in the

run position which we've already pressed

it twice so it's good to go go ahead and

press continue now we're going to do an

easy tune but there is an advanced to an

option here if you want to go into that

you can go into some quick adjustments

so you can enter in some tire size some

traction control settings or

transmission settings if you'd like

those are just some of the key

parameters that you can modify with this

device we're just interested in doing a

quick tune here so we'll just go ahead

and go to tune select and install a

standard tune now the tunes you have

here are the Diablo tune the 91 octane

and the modify stock so I'm going to go

ahead and select the Diablo tune now it

tells you this Diablo to designed to add

power and torque but with fuel economy

in mind fuel management can always be

subject to driving style and may vary

from vehicle to vehicle we're going to

go ahead and select YES on selecting

that tune now it's going to tell you the

i2 will now read a backup of the vehicle

to tack up or tap yes to continue

and right now it's going to start

communicating with the vehicle and

reading a stock file a couple of lights

on the dash will come on during this

timeframe some warning indications and

that's just because we've activated the

communication between the device and the

vehicle we'll give it a second here to

read the vehicle and save a copy of your

stock file okay now it'll tell me to

turn the ignition off so we'll go ahead

and press the start button once it turns

the ignition off

press Continue wait just a second here

now it tells us to turn the ignition on

so I press the button twice

press Continue

it's communicating

all right so now we can go in here and

modify the parameters of the adjustment

of the tune or the applied to Tunes

we'll go ahead and apply tune now it is

writing that performance tune into the

ECM of the Challenger

okay now it's telling us to turn the

ignition off just press the button once

press Continue

now I'll turn the ignition on so that's

two presses and continue

okay turn the ignition off

and turn the ignition on

okay juni complete you now can unplug

the tool and enjoy driving your vehicle

or tap continues reboot so now I press

continue and now the device will reset

so now we've got that Diablo tune in the

vehicle which is good for up to 15 horse

and 20 foot-pounds of torque

over stock and that is to the tires so

pretty impressive gain out of a pretty

quick feature definitely your horsepower

per dollar there is is extremely

extremely attractive so now we'll go

into a couple other features here that

really set the Diablo in tune to apart

and make it one of the best

opportunities for you to improve your

your charger or challenger whatever

vehicle you'd like to get tuned go ahead

and click yes now we'll go into these

quick features here

okay so here in the quick adjust you can

see that tire size traction control and

transmission now you can just select any

of these you can adjust the axle ratio

reset the TCM adaptation or make shift

point changes so there's raised in stock

values those raise will be a little bit

more of a performance shift a little bit

firm more firm shift compared to stock

so those are a couple of things you can

look forward to you can also go down

into the traction control setup and you

can either enable or disable it here now

that is of like a master disable so you

don't have to continually shut the

system off with the button on the dash

you can disable it right here and

now we should be set to go back to the

menu here and again if you want to

change your device change your tuning

back to stock at any time you can come

back in here and basically function

through the same same procedure and tune

the vehicle and hit the restore back up

what that means it's going to put your

factory tune back into the vehicle so

that you can you know if you have to

take the vehicle in for service or if

you want to take the additional

horsepower out of the vehicle it'll make

it a nice and easy way for you to do

that and it's all clean and easy on the

device so that's been a quick overview

of some of the features that the in tune

to can offer and now it's time to take

this out and enjoy it on the road