tsa lock reset delsey

I bought a new suitcase on when you try

to check the codes you find out it does

not work because someone messed up the

data store if your suitcase is unlocked

and you can open it here's a way to

reset the code and then back up the lock

you open the zipper and you can see

where the lock is with two Phillips

screws remove those screws remove that

cap with a cap removed pop the lock out

the front at this point you have to be a

little mechanically inclined there are

six tabs one two three four five six

that you have to remove with a small

flat bladed screwdriver the easiest way

to open the back is to undo these two

tabs first and then do the sides and do

the sides remove the tabs like this push

down pry up

push the other side right up now you got

to end up

the ends up

don't let it pop down continue with this

tab this time the sides up

then do the other side

okay we need some more hands here

one side up

last stop backs off

remove the back remove this little

copper piece if you look carefully at

the wheel you can see a notch just about


where is it right there line that up on

the second wheel you turn it until that

notch comes in front there's the notch

but now this one has moved to bring this

back we got two notches one there one

there I'm going to turn this one until

we find this much it's just coming into


so we got that one notch and so let's

move let's bring it back

I mean line is a notch here is a notch

is a notch all the notches are aligned

and we got six seven eight

that's why your code lies six seven

eight or seven eight nine oh five six

seven last let's begin other move over

pieces this comes out but it only fits

one way

this comes out addicts it's here

but try to keep it

here it's easier for assembly

if it doesn't stay upside down I suggest

you put a tiny tiny dab of Vaseline to

hold it in place

on the copper spring the brass spring it

sits in that notch that hole that open

or open slot got a far surface on the

far side

focus in

kinda hinges in there

this piece make sure it's this way

so that this tab

six let's cap

and this

the Khattab comes around here

make sure that brass hangs freely this

piece is stuck in there and this has

gotta be that way

these tabs sit here whether it is this

direction line up the bottom edges


there you go now they're numbers with

the notches are lined with six seven

eight let's begin with six seven eight

we do not know what the code is but we

know that the notches are lined at six

seven eight so that's obviously not it

because six seven eight was on this side

get back so let's try let's go around in

even order the next one we can try seven

eight nine zero eight nine zero wrong

nine zero one zero one two

one two three one two three are the

numbers which correspond dated six seven

eight on this side and there's your code

to reset a cold position set your new


there you go