today I'm gonna show you how to factory

set you're done when you seven tablet if

you forgot your password or your tablet

is hanging a lot and you want to clear

all the memory etc like that now you

need to follow my steps first thing you

need to do is switch off your tablet

just okay then you need to press the

power button for three seconds and

volume up button like this wait till a

menu errors

servus you got the menu and you can see

here by using the volume up and down

button you can see the options power of

recovery reboot we would enter you

should select recovery


then reboot


I can't see

is showing no comment now the power

button and volume of button for two

seconds can see this menu there you can

see the reboot system now apply update

from external storage wipe data and

start to research so keep contact erase

head and the power button you can see

your options to switch select yes if you

want to delete all user data select yes

and so it as you can see Ald

now you should select table system

selectable system


a bar clicking the system will reboot


we take some bangers


as you can see our tablet is researched

and it was that elicited so thank you

guys sir select a language you select if

you want you can connect


and listen you should connect your



got it


be cooking and you'll ask your name

select the name and type their name

click Next

Jared go guys but I've got this

thanks for watching

and you need to update your

thank space