How to factory reset your dell Inspiron laptop

hello YouTube in this video I'm gonna

show you how to do a factory reset your

computer using the built-in recovery

partition this is just in case you drive

gets corrupt you son in your laptop or

you forget your password for example let

me try to log in here I don't know what

my password so you know what I want to

do is first thing you want to do before

you start this process is make sure your

computer is connected to a power source

you don't want to have power failure

doing this process very important after

that it's pretty straightforward you

know you're going to locate the shift

key and you could either just hold the

power button and the shift key and let

the computer restart or simply just

navigate with your mouse over to the the

power button so hopefully you can see

that we zoom in yeah you could just

navigate over to this power button and

hold the shift key and select restart

restart anyway okay

once the computer restarts you will have

three options okay

if it continued to load windows use a

USB device just in case you had a

previous backup you can restore from the

backup or a DVD drive or just

troubleshoot in this case I want to

select troubleshoot now we have three

other options reset this PC factory

image restore advanced option going to

use select reset this PC now you have

two additional options

zoom in on that okay you could you have

the option to keep your files or remove

everything if you have files on it

that's important that you want to keep

doing the restore process it will create

a log file and move everything to a

directory on your hard drive and tell

you exactly where this files are so

after the computers are stored you could

just copy your data off copy your

documents in my case I want to select

remove everything because I want to do a

clean reset I don't know my password so

I'm gonna use remove everything

so total select that the computers going

to restart and it's going to be a series

of questions before the computer starts

resetting its want to make sure that you

acknowledge that everything will be

wiped off the computer okay so now it's

restarting start in the process

okay again it's asking it's gonna reset

the specie just remove my files are

fully clean my drive again in my case I

want to fully clean my drive so like

that okay again ice asked me to reset

this PC I'm gonna select reset it's very

important once this process start you

can't undo it it will delete every

documents and files you have on the

computer the only thing that will be

reinstalled is whatever programs or

documents that came on the computer when

you purchase it it's going to bring it

back to factory settings the way the

computer was when you took it out of the

box when you first purchased it okay so

I'm gonna hit reset it's gonna go

through a process it's gonna you know

give you a countdown of how long the

process takes

in some cases it could take anywhere

from say 45 minutes to two hours at most

we've got a cutaway and once the

computer restart I'll continue and go to

the process of setting the computer back

up but pretty much this is how you do a

reset of your computer just in case you

forget your passcode you're selling your

laptop you're giving it away it's pretty

straightforward there's a built in

partition on the computer that allows

you to pretty much format and reimage

the drive and bring it back to factory

set in the same way you got the PC when

you first purchase it I hope you enjoyed

this video if you liked it please give

me a thumbs up thank you very much