FACTORY RESET DELL LAPTOP Desktop Notebook Tablet COMPUTER PC w/WINDOWS 8 or 10 No Password

okay so here we have a Dell Optiplex 30

40 with Windows Professional 10 in it

and we don't have the password we're not

going to get the password we have no

idea so here's what we do put your mouse

over the ease of access icon and

left-click once make your computer

easier to use Windows will read and scan

this list automatically press the

spacebar to select the highlighted

option on-screen keyboard with the mouse

left click odds now punch the shift key

notice both shift keys are highlighted

go down here to the power icon at the

lower right and left click once click

restart left click once

oh and there's the window that we want

to see select troubleshoot reset your PC

or see Advanced Options left click once

top reset this PC that's what we want so

we're gonna left click once and then

we're gonna choose remove everything and

I'm gonna tell you why we're gonna do

that because we don't have the password

we're not gonna get the password we're

not going to find the password all of

these files up here are associated with

the password that you do not have and

cannot get there's more and we're gonna

go into it remove everything left click

once it's gonna boot

what we're actually doing is we are

reloading the original Windows program

from a hidden file on the hard drive

that was put there by the factory so on

any computer that came from the factory

with Windows 10 we can do this procedure

now we have two choices just remove my

files no we do not want that choice

fully clean the drive use this if you'll

recycle the PC this can take several

hours and it can take several hours and

I'm going to explain why and I'm also

going to explain why we are taking that

option left click once okay when you

delete something off your computer the

computer doesn't actually delete that

item all it does is identify the space

associated with that as available to be

deleted and this is why someone with

special software can go into a computer

and retrieve stuff that you have deleted

because it's not really deleted all

ready to go make sure your PC is plugged

in of course resetting will remove all

personal files and user accounts on this

PC because they are associated with the

password I'm gonna say it again that you

don't have and can never get so we don't

want that stuff on there anyway any apps

and programs that didn't come with this

PC we're not on there when it was new

any changes made to settings because we

are restoring the computer to when it

was brand-new keep that in mind

left click once now there's a little

percentage thing resetting this PC one

percent and I'm gonna shut the camera

off so you don't have to sit through

this entire procedure which

as you read earlier can take several

hours but usually doesn't take that long

okay this one took about 30 minutes your

PC has been reset but we couldn't remove

all your personal files if you plan to

give it away and recycle this PC try

resetting it again okay my advice is if

it was yours and you have some files on

your computer that you wouldn't want

found then yes reset it one more time

but if it's a computer that you got and

you just want to reset it to factory new

then don't worry about that and just

left click got it okay this is a factory

warning glaring erases information

stored on the TPM you will lose all

created keys and access to data

encrypted by these keys which was

probably part of a program that you

didn't have access to in the first place

so we're gonna press f12 and clear it

now it's gonna boot again

and now it is installing windows just

like it would at the factory and it is

loading it from a hidden partition on

the hard drive which is a good time to

stress again that this procedure only

works on a computer that left the

factory with Windows 10 so what will

have the hidden partition on the hard

drive that contains the original Windows

File for you to reload now we're going

to shut it off and let it finish

and then there we are completely reset

to factory spec and ready to set up