The Witcher 3: A Deadly Plot - Quest Walkthrough

you think on this think on what I said

and if you conclude you'd rather change

the course of history instead of riding

its current to hell you can find me at

the passiflora in the garret I'll be

waiting with mermaids I'll think about


so long Geralt

Daryll greetings come now darling don't

be shy yeah sorry but I'm here to speak

softly I know very well why you're here

they await this way please this way


which your guru have you gonna be ye

Geralt you're here good might have

chosen a more secluded spot to plot an

assassination it's on everyone's mind

many you'd like to do it so there's

nothing to fear

besides this venues got a tradition in

this domain might even consider it

fabled folker plunder revolt here by

extension king fraud and murder -

comparing yourself to folker for as I

can recall no one in red Aeneas annals

has a bloodier reputation a rebellion

changed the course of history that's

what we have in common in terms of blood

we ain't only to shed radovid's I'm

pleased you're willing to play a part

must admit I wasn't so sure

God your invitation decided to come

let's get down to business I believe you

know my associate roach you here

retired intelligence operatives we have

a clog definitely they came once ready

to assassinate another now I considered

all the options and found none better

radovid's proven many times he only ever

four is his own interests

when ked when asked for help he invaded

when I begged him to support his emos

defense he showed me the door the war

nears its end we've come to a decisive

phase we must act quickly at no

illusions only a dead

radovid means are free to marry all

right what do you want from me all of

our co-conspirators ventured out to meet

an informer he's not returned yet the

plan success hinges on what he's learned

we've got to find him

you're the best tracker around track

really anything else you can tell me

where this associate was last seen for

instance he's travelling as a journeyman

itinerant cobbler that's his colour he

was first to venture across the pond tar

as probably did so via the retain Ian

checkpoint if a man now who should know

more calls himself Gregor fine I'll talk

to Gregor

thank you I try not to draw too much

attention if you can remember

the future hinges on the success of this

mission the future of tameria the future

of the north I know

I'll try men to [ __ ] it up see you were

counting on you


anyone see you coming

Nona party amount of serenity in you're

lucky off the street

nice job decorating your guard post by

orders of our gracious and merciful rule

or the good king what was their crime

war on the rides at Pella from a village

nearby gave some bloke the wrong advice

blokes mate informed on it neighbour

held a grudge against the one on the

left accused him of witchcraft just

humans at each other's throats

that's not relevance fault hey who do

you think set down the laws that mean

folk hang for such offences that stark

must know why I'm here yeah he didn't

come back though patrol went out

yesterday reported an abandoned car two

ways off the road aim to go out there

see if it's hit couldn't get away thanks

good enough to start with


Olo you got a pass we'll get back

through we're helpful yeah I got one

alright good look thanks see ya

you choke to death on three

hmm cart doesn't look damaged

strange need to look around might find


signs of a scuffle somebody got knocked

out dragged off underwear its wearer is

a shoe something tells me I'm on the

right trail underwear its wearer is a

shoe something tells me I'm on the right

trail underwear its wearer is

Ashu something tells me I'm on the right


what's he doing here


away go with you go

Judy pick me I can see that

just wondering how those shoes is wound

up here yes you did grow like the one

true shoes don't sprout from the ground

you see who left them behind here please

no log longer gets all Gonzaga

Hagen Park as your friends fingering of

Great Oak Park humans finder on big

suited cards through these big lights

though what did they do to this human

hold month come to take go over till

your body burns slim and black multi

make man's children make for : rogues

Judy make

you even need shoes feuded on Homeland

disease through that once all dog and

dog big Lords trawlers be like who

misses so long

patrol cave must be nearby

should I know who better to teach trolls

out of cuss Garrow

one more big brother years this relax

off its buggers an old friend mark Gogol

fertile Oh Oh see throw that make for an

awfully Laney morsel on Lord true that

just look at the blind bastard

no but skin and bones

well general trolls are calm our travel

log you practice what are torture give

me a [ __ ] exam next time I come

through darlin oh boy

tell us it sit us down

tell us suck [ __ ] huge big got no time

to negotiate with trolls

step aside dollar

looking for apprentices Varkey now then

not even bigger I'll kill myself

those idiots but they were logical ZDX

cow didn't have time for nonsense just

happened to be party crew come on Cindy


thanks again Carol I'll take it from


and I'll be sure to tell roach and Deeks

Ryu sliced up those dim-witted

[ __ ] as I see it they'll be so

impressed they'll [ __ ] themselves

so long Tyler and good luck oh bloody

use it rad orig one crafty all with a

clap but we'll figure a way around that

20 so no bloody North will be blathering

about how he got [ __ ] careful it's not

all so glad ring about three assassins

drawn and quartered Hey fear not Carol

we know what we're doing farewell