How To Spin Open a Deadbolt Lock!

hey gang welcome back to another video

in today's video I'm going to be showing

you a very useful locksmith tool now in

the event a key has been lost for a

deadbolt or any other lock there's only

two ways that you're going to be

unlocking it you're either going to have

to pick the lock or you're going to have

to drill out the key way to allow the

pins inside to fall down to allow the

plug to rotate the tool I'm about to

show you is going to be very useful if

you go to pick the lock now when you go

to lock the door of course you're going

to rotate clockwise when you rotate

clockwise the bolt will extend into the

door jamb when you put the key in and

you rotate to the left the bolt will

slide in now the problem you can have

with some dead bolts is that it's very

easy to pick one direction but not the

other way so for instance in order to

open this you'd have to pick it and then

rotate counterclockwise put that in and

that would be unlocking it of course if

you pick it in the opposite direction

all it's going to be doing is absolutely

nothing pushing that bolt more into the

jamb and then when you go to take the

tension key and rotate it back to try

and get it to go the other way it's

going to line up with the pins again and

lock in the position right here with

this tool is going to allow you to do is

pick this in the wrong direction and

then you could spin counterclockwise

very quickly pass the section where the

pins would line up allowing it to pull

the deadbolt and let me just show you

how this works so right here you can see

the bolt is extended and now it's going

back in so I'm going to do is close the


all right now locked so the first thing

I'm going to do is pick this in a

clockwise direction which is the wrong

way I have this tension wrench which

allows you to put a varying amount of

pressure on that plug or core depending

on the lock that you have they all vary

some may require very little tension and

others may require a lot if you have

spool pins in here which are security

pins designed to hang up when you're

trying to pick them then the best thing

you can do with those is go all the way

in push them all the way to the top and

put a lot of tension on it

and then when you do that you can rake

them down very lightly as you're letting

pressure off on the tension wrench keep

raking and it'll help you get this to

open much easier to deal with those

spool pins so let me get this going

first let me pick this the right way all

right I'm going to push all the pins to

the top using this tool I made it's a

diamond pick i ground this down using

spring steel years ago and start it

upside down and we push all the pins to

the top and put heavy tension so now

every one of those pins is up including

the spool pins I'm just gonna rake this

very slowly as I'm letting off on my

tension key tension wrench keep going so

I feel it's not to drop a little bit now

it's starting to drop over all right so

now that's the time I'm gonna switch to

the lifter see if I can dip you laid

each one


like adjusting the tension of that


let a little bit more pressure off


how long should break


there it is all right so now I'm gonna

leave it like that all right it rotated

clockwise it's locked if you try and

spin it back the other direction what's

going to happen it's going to line up

and lock without turning completely

counterclockwise to retract the boat so

if I go here watch actually here you can

see how it got caught up right there if

the tool is going to allow you to do is

completely spin that right past that

point so let me pick that one more time

okay with the lock picked in that

direction we're now going to use this

specialized tool now I want to rotate

this counterclockwise so I'm going to

pull on this rotate it to there I'm

going to insert it in the key way and

I'm going to push on the door and it

should spin it right open there you go

and that's how you do it now I can put

this key back in there and rotate it to

the top and you can see it locked back

in extremely useful tool could save you

a lot of time if you have trouble

picking this in the right direction I

hope you enjoyed this video if you did

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