VW Deadlock system beaten. How to open a vw without the key. VW, Audi, Seat etc deadlock door .

so here's my 2010 Volkswagen Kenny nice

language I managed to walk myself out of

the other night so basically I was

showing a customer potential customer

the following bed systems are made for

the back of various bands including

caddies now when I climbed into the back

sure my keys must have fallen out my

pocket and ones in the back then should

the van up and get lobbed itself so I've

locked myself out of my caddy no major

panic initial F and want myself out of

where is cow so far over the years so

far okay I'll do what no madam get a

block push you behind the door and the

door frame so it forces it slightly open

then get Co hanger

feed it through nice and down to the

handle and pull the handle so this went

down and pulled the handle and only got

it slightly open so couldn't completely

pull it so got some welding wire put a

loop on the end of the welding wire but

that in grab the handle who wasn't

instant - yeah a few minutes doing this

and pulled it nothing happened it's all

really pulling hard on the wire and the

door just wasn't opening it the handle

was going and nothing was happening at a

time really couldn't understand it so

home back to the internet onto Google

onto various different forums etc etc

and turns out it's the deadlock system

basically even if I was in the van and

it loved itself I didn't have the keys I

would be stuck and - 1d window serve

wine the window and get out but if

you've electric windows or anything like

that you stuck in the vehicle cannot get


so and really sort of out that is okay

so I'm going by Google is that

absolutely useless than that various

forums etc and it looks like I have

possibly three options one rock through

the window and not the best throw of the

best of times really and problems with

that for me is I missed the window hit

the sides of an mr. Holbein completely

hit a neighbor's cow I don't know

so wasn't a great on that option to

again thanks to the various also

importance out there is a hammer

now I'll keep a little bit more accurate

not going to miss the window but we are

going to make a lot of mess is going to

be gloss pits everywhere and it's not


since we're it's not ideal and then

obviously I've got the cost of and

replacing the window and the time and

effort clean and everything up air third

option is replacement key from

Volkswagen themselves and looking on

again on the various forums this prices

people are saying it varies from forty

pounds to two hundred pounds so let's

get bolts we're going to come hey May

I've been locked my keys in my

Volkswagen cadek and and I've tried to

get through the window to pull the

handle but I believe it's now deadlocked

is that is that correct right and how

much is replacement key then the

Volkswagen Caddy yes

q 164 98 is I included in that yet right

so we've heard from ball try again and

this is looking a bit more of an option

it's a lot of money and ten days I mean

take ten days off a lot of box sets

isn't it to watch so my mind was racing

coming with different ideas I came up

with the next idea which hmm so my

options are now limited been on smash

the window and didn't want to really pay

for an expensive key so have a look on

Google some schematics basically locking

system behind here

so I thought hmm I do quite bear welding

my option is I cut a square out of here

and pull the lock and then again piece

of metal and then weld it back in pretty

drastic real isn't it and then paint the


Fletcher etc so when I was looking at

these schematics of the locking systems

on the doors on the Kelly vans long

dusty leaf onto the side door but I also

saw the one for the rear door

so my next thought was oh maybe I could

do the same Erika cut a panel out sort


sort of here and then well the piece

back in let us thought about ourselves

hold on to be quite fair I've got a

number plate at the back now let's have

a quick look at the schematic so look

again schematics and thought you know

what the lock isn't far off where the

number plate goes so I came up with I

think was a great plan

so tell a non-player and as you can see

just a number plate off basically you've

got panel behind that nobody really sees

or ever really looks at and thought well

probably don't need to cut hole in it I

could probably drill a hole in the back

get my co-anchor through and pull the

lock up so add a couple of options I've

got my shell cord it cos my wife who

Jill was in the back of the van and

Globus you've got none option look at

that I didn't think that was going to be

quite big enough and I got all those

extincted down to today's different

levels etc etc so pop mat on the drill

set to work and drill the hole in the

back so as you can see this is a hole I

drilled but camera not the neatest as it

turned out didn't quite need to I did so

I drilled that hole and gotta look set

of pliers played about with the wire so

I'm not really happens we've got the car

hanger moved it about here then

everywhere not that really happen again

from there same time so bending the hole

and make

worse and then I actually looked through

and right in front of where I drilled

the hole there is a metal band like an

arm I'll show you from the inside so

while actually doing it more by good

luck than good management and drilled

pretty much directly in front of this

bar here

now this bar opens and closes the dark

so what I got was they set a long nose

pliers I put them through on the other

side and pull down the door opened so if

you want to do this yourself

the hole is roughly the center about 30

mil to the left you still know where

your cue goes in and what 55 milled out

something line up with that drill

through that in line with the bar pull

down with your pliers dead log system

opened up now obviously it leaves a hole

but you can cover that as well now I

bought ages ago off eBay a pack of

assorted grommets let's open the other

way and on the biggest one in there is

that it's about 25 mil something around

just check near 20 25 28 something like

that so I mean if I was going to do it

again I'd set the hole to the size on

the grommet Sonia which one I have

fortunately I had one so one of these in

the hole there you go with the grommet

fitted back in the hole fortunately mine

doesn't fit particularly well because I

arrived about the hole and twisted a

metalslime which affair but

and if I was doing it from scratch again

obviously the hole will be a lot neater

and work perfectly so basically there

you go you lucked out here man

okay anything drill a hole down the

number plate core drill with a grommet

and putting on my playback on thanks for