Lock a Deadbolt with no key, from the outside

hey guys Matt here with American

survival Co and today I want to teach

you guys a pretty cool trick so what I'm

gonna show you how to do is how to lock

a deadbolt from the outside without a

key and I've had to use it a few times

probably five or six times in the past

few years and it works so check this out

so in order to lock our deadbolt from

the outside without a key what we need

is some tape and what we're gonna do

with this is we're going to pull off a

decent amount enough that when we put it

on the the actual locking mechanism we

have enough of a tail that will actually

hang out the door that we can pull down

on that's going to cause that mechanism

to fall into place

and lock the door for us so we've got

our piece of tape and what I've done is

I've left enough exposed of the sticky

side to actually apply to the locking

mechanism and then the rest of it that's

going to be our tail that we're going to

hold on to I fold it in half so that the

sticky side of that doesn't wind up

stick into any of the surfaces is we're

trying to pull this down and lock it on

our way out so next thing you do is

apply this to our actual locking making


so we come outside we grab the tail of

the tape we pull that door closed we're

going to pull it in a downward motion

see if we can hear that door

deadbolt click there we go

and there you go it's locked there you

go guys

quick easy way to lock that deadbolt

lost your key for God it whatever and

you need to make sure that dead bolts

lock for security on your way out easy

way to get it done so hope you guys

learned something new

got a new tool for your toolbox and hope

to see you in the field soon come train

with us