Unlocking a Deadbolt Using a Bump Key

hi my name is Gabriel and I'm a

locksmith in the Bay Area today I'm

going to show you how to unlock a

deadbolt using the bump key method these

are two keys that I have this one

belongs to the deadbolt it came with a

deadbolt the other one I made this is my

bump key just going to show you how this

key that came with a lock works on the

lock and my bump key does not I'm going

to show you how easy it is to unlock

this deadbolt using the up key show you

once again and walk the deadbolt using

standard G the bump key does not work

and I'm going to unlock it just like

that this is how easy it is to break

into your home if you have just a

standard deadbolt visit my website and

learn more on how to prevent this from

happening to you