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what's going on guys today I'm gonna be

teaching you how to pick a lock in five

four two seconds so first thing I'm

gonna show you is this little lock

picking training tool that I made

essentially it's just a piece of 2x4

with a deadbolt attached to it you know

and if this video gets enough views and

enough interest then I'll teach you guys

how to make it so what I do first is I

take the device put it on the counter

and take my vice grips and clamp it down

simple as that

so the tools that I'll be using are

these two right here I got them on

Amazon and it came in this little

funny-looking carrying case that you

slide open and you have all these tools

inside these are the other tools that it

came with let's end with those and I'm

not going to be needing these so I'm

just gonna set these to the side today

I'll be using these two just a standard

pick and a tension tool it's pretty

simple actually

you put the tension tool in all right so

if I wanted to lock this locked since

the lock is on this side I'll be putting

pressure this way this way to turn the

the cylinder clockwise and if I wanted

to pull the if I wanted to pull the

deadbolt in how to go counterclockwise

going that way this way

so let's say I want to I want to lock

the deadbolt I'm gonna go in with my

pick right side up and this little part

right here it's a little upward Bend

that's what you push up the pins with

and you want to be very very gentle with

it there's no need to go in there just

forcing it around that's not gonna work

it might work but it's not gonna work

that well so I take my attention my

tension tool and I put very very slight

tension on it then I take the pick I

slide it in a little closer

I put my tension tool in right and I put

my pick in this little groove right

there okay then I just go in pick it up

nope nope nope I thought it was it

and feel all the pins

and there we go okay so if you put the

tension tool in alright and you want to

put very slight tension on it very very

slight you don't want to be aggressive

with it and then you take your pick and

go in and that slot and you just barely

push up on the pins just enough to make

them quick and that's it

the easiest way to learn how to do this

is to do it

this isn't like math where you can learn

by watching this is a this is something

you learned by feeling okay

and if you got text

and if you think you can learn it by

just watching videos and may be sadly


watching a few videos here and there

will help you but ultimately doing it

yourself is what's gonna teach you the

most and if you can't get it like I

can't get it right now because I'm too

busy talking just let let the tension

out let the pins drop let it reset and

start over it's just that easy it's

really easy so you've got the tools you

picked a lock and you want to do a

little bit more practice get some pad

box these are good little training tools

too because you can actually see the

pins because it's transparent so it

makes picking a lot easier it's a good

learning tool this is what I started on

actually so if you want to see more of

these how-to videos or if you want to

see how I built this a training tool

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keep putting out more videos thanks bye