How to Pick a Front Door Lock Deadbolt EASY

alright guys today I'm going to show you

how to pick a lock the tools you're

going to need our lights kind of getting

room this and this come with a lock

picking set you can buy them online

alright first thing you want to do is

take this tool make sure your doors

locked this is a front door by the way

take this tool put it in the middle then

push it all the way to the top pull out

and you'll hear this clicking noise kind

of writing it at that time that then you

want to take your little turning tool

here then put it all the way at the

bottom give it a little bit of force

you'll be able to turn it put this tool

in right on top of it and then up and

down all the way until you unlock it

what you're doing when you're doing this

you're just setting the pins just show

you again one more time as you can learn

how to do it get that in there then go

to each of the pins that's a moment

and just up and down slowly coming back

toward yourself and you got it