Hard reset unlock screen Samsung Galaxy Sol 2 Cricket Wireless Model SM-J326

okay these are hot reset for Samsung

Galaxy sold to run pretty wireless

remote external memory card send some


this process will remove any possible

pattern of being blocked in the screen

of your phone and also it is place will

removable block in the skin but it is

very important that you know and your

Google account like email and password

because after the factory reset you will

have to verify your confirm we were in

order to get to the home screen or

initial setup if you are not able to

confirm Google you won't be able to use

your phone and it will be blocked

permanently so just make sure that you

have the information okay if you're

ready to continue Jesse when I use

volume app home button and power key you

will not hold press these three buttons

together and at the same time and as

soon as the phone vibrates or their

Samsung logo appears even I release the

three buttons immediately okay you go

from there okay volume app home button

and power on by rates some celebrities

release the three buttons at the same

time continue holding so you the phone

access power on don't worry about just

remove the battery wait five seconds put

it back on and start over again

volume up home button and power ok

vibrates room these the three buttons

and now you wanna see the message okay

so just you either happens to you where

happened to me like at the phone just

power on like I said just remove already

wait five seconds and start over again

it some reason if you don't press their

keys properly and at the same time then

this is what happens sometimes so just

worry about

so keep continue waiting when you see

the no command you're gonna see this

menu appears okay so when you see this

menu just using volume down

let's go scroll and highlight or select

wipe data

to the reset and power key okay so this

is confirmed last step is to confirm if

this will remove any multimillion like

pictures videos and email addresses

passwords everything even removed from

your phone so you okay with this just

highlight using volume down yes press

power key for your enter okay at this

step that your phone is actually wiping

down now last step is automatically

highlight reboot system now now when I

press the power key that's going to be

your enter and the phone will restart

here so just take a couple minutes so

five twenty minutes such as be patient

if take longer than eight minutes that

means something is wrong with the phone

so the worried about it yesterday move

the battery wait five seconds put it

back on and start over using volume app

home button and power key ok these two

ends together improperly because

sometimes the motherboard needs to

calculate so ok so just gonna continue

just be patient on this step or

sometimes take too long and also if you

get your phone like you get a lot of

trapped calls what you get like your

phone is going off suddenly this is

basically the model board problem so you

can do a backup reset first with the

work account lock up all your multimedia

contacts and applications and make sure

that you know you move account and

password because you need to confirm or

verify Google in order to be able to use

a phone or get the home screen so

yeah so yeah after treated to do backup

just do a hard reset with this phone and

this helps a lot to improve the

motherboard insurance all so be patient

like I said you wanna take a look at

five to eight minutes to do this so if

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in the future in case you need any shop

on the road okay to just hang in there

okay it's almost I think it's close some

other three minutes okay just be patient

so there is another tutorial about this

relax is told to in case that the talc

bug option has been activated by

accident I have a tutorial how to go to

the phone settings and disable that

function or the feature such as also

find my video on this chamber okay so

now we are the home screen alright so

even you did a hurry set or master

reserve factory reset or just know is a

brand new phone you wanna get to this

point when we had to select a language

and then let's go to start to register

if you have us active SIM card from

Cricket Wireless go ahead and instead

instead dision right now if not just

acknowledged a y5 and even though you

don't need a Wi-Fi to continue so this

was any need of this phone which I'll

hit next and skip anyways and terms and

conditions don't just go to next agree

okay Google services just Google

services make sure that everything is on

like Google location

Wi-Fi notification any updates the area

below for your phone just leave it on is

very convenient so I suggest to leave

this next step is not gonna be a select

the time zone so select any time zone

that you are using the date okay you

need to change your month then go to the

tab and select go back or go right left

to select a month now you have the

Manchester later date and then when you

have the mountain they just hit OK time

it's 12:00 p.m. but if you need to

switch to a.m. just touch the a.m. to

highlight it and now select your hour ok

and highlight just the hour and minutes

so there's a change just hit OK when you

are ready and when you're ready on this

point just hit OK a nickname for your

phone in case that you lost your phone

and the person that found it in the case

when I guess your lockscreen

and Google will automatically consider

that your phone has been compromised so

they are they are they are going to ask

them to verify the nickname or your

phone if they fail to do so and then

they won't be able to access to your

personal information so for your

protection please select your nickname

for your phone when you are ready just

go to next

now locks can be parent pin of password

for now it won't last keep it but you

can select any of those in go ahead and

register as but you can't do this after

find your phone settings

alright a Samsung Account you already

have our couches sign in if not create

account it is Samsung services it's very

convenient to to save your data I will

save your files and also you can find

your mobile directly from your Samsung

Account with Samsung cloud

taystee of lost your phone you can

basically see where you from located and

you can also store every files on your

Samsung classes very very convenient so

just do it now or you can do it later or

for now you wanna skip this option skip

and now we need to agree because you're

on video then do not be able to get to

the home screen so we have targeted

right alright so this is the home screen

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