hey guys I'm going to show you how to

unlock a samsung galaxy grand prime

phone that is carry lock to cricket I

contacted cricket they were unable to

unlock the phone without the cricket

pinion tied to the cricket account I

don't have the pin so I had to find

another method to unlock which led me to

ATT unlock code calm and this is how you

unlock a phone that is carrier locked so

that you can use it on other networks to

start you're going to punch in on the

locked phone star found zero six pound

that will populate your IMEI code that's

specific to the phone you want to write

that number down as you'll need it later

in this process okay so once you've got

your IMEI number you'll want to head to

ATT unlock code comm it's ATT

unlock code calm and from there you will

want to select your carrier

in this situation it is cricket and from

cricket you'll want to select your brand

of phone I have a Samsung and then from

the brand area you want to select the

specific phone that you went on walk I

have seen some galaxy green Prime and

then this screen will request some

information your IMEI number for your

phone and what's that for Skype ID and

then you'll select Add to Cart and

you'll get a checkout screen and

checkout screen will look like this and

once you submit your order you can use

PayPal or credit card that will send the

information to ATT unlock code calm

within 12 to 24 hours you'll receive an

email and you know will contain a code

so it started with the unlock process

you'll want you to basically just want

to get to the SIM card which is in this

phone and that cover battery has to be

removed the old SIM card is the cricket

and SIM card this is a micro SIM card

which is bigger than the card that I

want to use so I have a SIM card adapter

which converts a micro I'm sorry and you

know SIM card I have a nano SIM card

so this adapter converts an anise and

into a micro-sim and it will just slide

in just like the Micra sand that was in

the phone now depending on the phone

that you have you might or might not

have the micro sim mini sim was released

prior to my Kristen's have you had a

really old phone well likely you don't

have one that old if you did and you

there's adapters in all the link in the

description of this video with you know

to micro you know too many SIM card

adapter kids they are relatively cheap

they won't wouldn't cost any more than

five dollars on Amazon okay so once you

got your sim card inserted from the

carrier you want to use it'll put the

battery back on here

and it should automatically populate a

area where you can enter a code because

it will detect a when you unlock screen

yep just have two sim network unlock pin

is necessary to unlock the phone and

you'll enter the pin that you received

in your email from ATT Oman koat.com

and you'll get a message that says a

network unlock successful and it should

populate the carrier if you only use in

my case it's t-mobile and that's

others to it

is configuring the network

and looks like we're good to go thanks

for watching subscribe if you found this

video helpful