Crickett Rifle Safety Lock Removal


hey everybody welcome back to the

channel today we're going to be taking a

look at a special little rifle for small

children the cricket 22 my first rifle

joining us today is the owner of this

rifle the small one hello small ones say

hello to the channel small one is going

to be helping us remove a feature that

could be a safety feature for those of

you who are safety minded but could also

be a source of frustration if it

accidentally gets actuated which is very

easy based on its placement and of

course if you've already guessed it by

looking at the view that we have here

we're talking about this little safety

lock mechanism right there

now this locking mechanism works by

pushing a little rod through that hole

in the bottom of the chamber and

basically locking this bolt in place so

you can't close it if it's closed and

you activate it you can't open it and

that can be good because that makes it

so that children who may accidentally

get or maybe not so accidentally get

access to this rifle unsupervised can't

make it work however if you keep your

your firearm or their firearm rather out

of their reach in a locked safe or

something to that nature then perhaps

this is unnecessary and when firing you

can accidentally press this up on your

bench or your rest or with your hand

which has actually happened to small one

before I was with my dad and I was

getting ready to shoot and it just

wouldn't open so I got daddy to look at

it and it had been locked thank gosh we

had the key but if you don't have the

key you might

have problems right that could be the

end of your shooting day so what we're

gonna do is we're gonna take this out

now you will need a few special tools

excuse me that most people won't just

have lying around in their toolkit one

of those is going to be a deep well 15

millimeter socket you don't need the

socket wrench for this just the just the

socket will be fine

and you'll want to get one that's

specifically made for removing spark

plugs because if you get this and the

sides of this well are too thick it may

not fit in there so get yourself a 15

millimeter deep well spark plug socket

wrench you can get that at autozone or

any other auto parts store o'reilly

advanced whatever now the other thing

that you're going to need is a Torx 25

and not just any Torx 25 but a security

Torx or precision Torx whichever the

brand that is selling it at that time in

that place decides to call it with the

little hole in the end of the post here

because as you'll notice our Torx bolt

here has a post in it so let's get

started first thing that we're going to

need to do is we're going to need to

take this part off of this part now

small one can you tell me what this part

is called stock that's correct and this

part the barrel that's right so let's

take this stock off of the barrel we'll

grab our 25 our t25 here there we go and

let's just make sure this is going to

the right direction you're doing all

right I'm putting this in the middle of

the video because well because I like to

make my videos awkward this hole here

and this hole here can be used to attach

a sling swivel on each side so that you

can put a sling on this rifle okay the

very end right here is called the muscle

that's right this part is the muzzle and

while you're shooting never put your

hand or finger there not and don't point

it at yourself because it can't that's

where the bullet comes out and you could

accidentally really injure it yourself

that's correct always make sure to treat

it like it's loaded that's right that is

rule number one of the four rules of

safety yep okay

moving on now we've taken that one screw

out our whole action is going to come

right out of the stock set that to the

side now if you look inside you don't

have your rod anymore

you can go ahead and close this up and

because I goofed I'm going to go ahead

and put this off to the side and bring

that stock right back because that is

where the lock is so we won't need our

t25 again until we put this back

together now what we're going to need is

this deep well 25 millimeter socket and

that's to get this hex washer off of

here that's going to fit right in here

yep okay I'm gonna turn that doesn't

take a whole lot the caliber is 22 okay

now we've removed our washer here or

that's not really a washer it's a nut

we've removed our nut and we're gonna

pop this right out there goes

and here it is okay go ahead and hold it

up for us and I will a little over right

there and zoomed there you go that's the

whole thing now I don't want to lose

this piece so I'm just gonna go ahead

and put this on here just in case I ever

want to put it back okay and we'll just

put that off to the side I like to put

things off to the side yeah okay now

we're going to put it back together and

that is just as simple as taking it

apart line up our parts of our action

here and what kind of action is this

small one that is correct if you do

remove this will have where the safety

lock is and some of you may be asking

yourself what's gonna come out of there

well if we get our light just right you

can see that when the bolt is closed

it's completely sealed yeah okay but to

swage those fears that well maybe it

doesn't have a great seal one it's a 22

it's not gonna be pushing out a lot of


and two I happen to take this to the

range today just to try that out and

absolutely nothing came out of there so

if for any reason you would like to get

one of these rifles for your small one

and small one when did I get you this

get this rifle for you and because every

good rifle needs a name small one what

did you name your rifle that's a good

show all right so if you want to get

your small one one of these rifles she

got hers at five as she said then and

you don't want to have this safety

feature here anymore

then that is the simple and easy way


you can take it out just absolutely be

sure that your firearms and your

children's firearms are out of their

reach locked away where they cannot

access them as per whatever state law

you may happen to find yourself in the

jurisdiction of and that's all we have

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