Cricket Wave Hard Reset Unlock screen Model FTU18A00

okay let's I reset this wicked way this

place will remove any password paranoid

pin blocking the screen on this phone

and this is actually a factory reset so

anything storing these phones memory

will be lost like pictures videos

contacts music downloaded applications

and things like that so it is very

important that you know your work

account because you will have to verify

Google in order to get to the home


yes if you fail to verify Google you

won't be able to actually use your phone

so please make sure that you know that

three you forgot the password just use

the email address and go to any computer

and reset the password so you can you

can actually have it okay all right so

let's go in using volume up + power key

you want to hold these two buns together

and as soon as the phone vibrates even a

release power button but continue

holding volume up until you wanna get

the recovery menu on the screen okay

so volume app power release power

continue holding back your app right

there release volume up all right so now

using volume down you wanna highlight

wipe data/factory reset' later use the

camera here okay wipe data/factory

reset' now using power key is going to

be our enter or okay and now we gonna

confirm we already talked about

everything is gonna be lost in the

delete in this phone volume down

highlight yes power key enter and at

this point the phone is wiping

everything in the phone's memory and

last step is automatically reboot system

now is highlighted just press power key

and your phone will be reboot at this

point okay so he is going to take a few

seven to eight minutes it depends on how

much information you had stolen your

phone's memory and in case that I get

stuck on android logo or cricut logo for

more than eight minutes that means

something is wrong so just remove the

battery wait five seconds put it back on

and start over the same process

valium app power key and then just

follow the same steps that we went

through to get at this point sometimes

when we download overload any downloads

or websites or things like that then the

motherboard sometimes is overload with

information so that's why we need to

calibrate the model in order to work

work properly

okay so we are here in initial setup

select you language which is English and

you can also choose any other language

that you want to use on this one okay so

here is a list of all the language every

language is available so yeah that's how

small I like two or three languages here

so let's find let's go back and find

English and English if you have

Australia Canada and the and New Zealand

Singapore South Africa United Kingdom

United States okay and then let's go and

find the skull top let's go all right so

since insert sim card you have any

active SIM card from cricket just go

ahead instead inserted in the phone do

not just kill please

I'll set up as a new phone if you

already have a Google account you can

actually fixed it on this phone copy

your data so you can unload anything

that you've been already did our backup

previously like pictures videos contacts

applications you want to set up a some

new phone just go ahead and set up a new

phone Kuwait and recs to any Wi-Fi close

to the area or for now just don't use

any network for setup but you need to

verify Google you need data so make sure

that you have something there okay

continue crazy late timezone times on

select your time zone and date to switch

it a month just go on the top arrow to

and once you have the assignment just

select a date and you're ready just hit

OK time needs pay to switch to minutes

just touch there and switch minutes I am

again as touch a.m. or p.m.

and then hit OK next ok nickname for

your phone in case that you lost your

phone and they found it and they're

gonna guess the lockscreen they need to

verify the nickname you are ready to

continue and use the phone so it is very

important that you set a nickname of the

phone just for your security

ok pattern pin up password you can set

up these credentials after from settings

or not gonna go to not now skip anyway

ok Google Terms and Conditions and

location I also chose to leave

everything on so you can actually take

advantage of everything good services

from Google this location is a carry

when we are trying to find

business around your location the first

one that we will not want to launch the

one where your phone is located so just

leave the own improve location accuracy

the same thing and in this in this area

if you have any Wi-Fi available in your

area and you're going to get

notification so you can actually use

Wi-Fi in order to save some data from

your cricut data package okay same

system data same apps and downloads you

want to be a beautifully universe IVA

updates for your download so you can

improve them we are done just go to

agree you can add a second email address

on Jim can Google okay it is all set

just select location consent to continue

and then last step is Cricut Terms &

Conditions just put agree ok and we are

on home screen on this cricut way ok

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