How to unlock any lg phone and a bypass

hello guys my name is will Deborah and

I'm going to show you how to unlock any

LG phone any company that really doesn't

matter energy this is the LG lucid by

the way and I'm gonna prove to you that

this works and also I'm going to show

you how to do the bypass instead of

putting all your information on phone

say it's stolen or something and you

want to sell it in like I can show you

how to make it brand new well here I go

almost set up the lock screen okay set

it lock screen achieve the pattern


when Kate

all too

by the way cut you don't have to do this

I'm just proving that I really don't

care about like the long okay now if you

enter this power all and then you just

want to press okay by the way with the

lighter shading down

- brides in and I'll show you how to

apply the bypass my power button is not

up here it's a little tiny one over here

yeah my phone is cracked and I'm sorry

if you guys really cannot see this is

just my iPhone 4s okay well now that my

phone has turned off you're done with

the body downwind and the power one

holding at the same time

as soon as these ladies problem let go

and you guys can see on that go factory

hard reset permanently erased

use your data okay mine audiences press

the power button three times

other forms you may have to use the

volume lens of downs is to move on and

the power disarray mine is just the

power one oh sorry about that two times

now my phone what we said

my phone is resetting by the way and you

yes this pretty much makes the phone

brand-new and the bypass also look like

just put it on all yet it's already

selected on English so what you want to

do is I just let your English or every

but do not press next or this one

mess-up the bypass all you have to

really do if you use the buttons on the

phone and that's pretty much how I found

this up well this is my old phone guys I

just got an invite for 4G it works on 40


and can you guys please leave comment if

you wanna see another video on any other

phone that will help you out with that

to be honest this phone was given to me

by my friend that he found and this is

just something I found out about myself

I will be making an iPhone one in about

the next two weeks

yes you can learn so now get my computer

and now that I please already setting up

right and as you can see now my channel

Jay see how its led to English ready can

now you do

which one will do is pressed power up

power down bad search home so up down

that search

and that has taken me straight

I really don't know why didn't work the

first time really second time it's just

all down back space surge home and now

your phone is really brand new

remember I put a password on in our

password it'll draw everything but most

of the time it'll keep the gallery to

keep the photos oh you're all not this

time well once the times it really does

keep the photos well guys I want to

thank you for me thank you for watching

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