How to Unlock The Lg Fortune From Cricket Wireless To Any GSM Carrier

hey what's up guys automatic type of you

back up again and today I will show you

guys how to unlock the lg fortune today

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comment I'm falling you want to get

unlock go ahead start we're gonna go

ahead and hit star pound zero six pounds

to go ahead and get your IMEI number

you're gonna want there write this down

memorize it write it down on your

underwear whatever for this next part

did you remember it alright guys let's

go ahead and get to this next part

alrighty guys so what you're gonna do is

you're gonna go to the unlocking company

comm and you're gonna pick your

manufacturer and your model so you're

gonna go ahead and go to LG fortune and

then you're gonna go ahead to go to

unlock now and big shout out to the

unlocking company back on for sponsoring

this video their link will be in the

description below so you can go ahead

and do this on your own what we're doing

right now is we're basically just

looking for the unlock code and you're

gonna have to purchase that real quick

and then you should be good to go on the

next steps I'm going to show you so

you're gonna go to your country which is

the United States you're gonna go to the

select your carrier real quick which is

Cricut and you're gonna hit next and

then it's gonna show you how much it's

actually gonna charge you for the unlock

code but really cheap really fast and

efficient service you're gonna go ahead

and put your IMEI that you have found

from earlier you're gonna go ahead put

your name you're gonna go ahead and put

your email that you have and instead of

$29 it's actually gonna be thirteen

ninety nine so I'm gonna show you guys

the next steps here in just a sec I'll

be right back I know so after you happy

you've got that all squared away you got

the code you wait here five to sixty

minutes you're gonna go ahead and just

reach back here and you guys are gonna

go ahead and remove the SIM card out of

here so yeah we're gonna go ahead and

remove the SIM card out here and we'll

be right back actually what you want to

do is replace it with the SIM card that

you want you know whether it be metro

pcs or any other brand

besides pretty wireless to go ahead and

fully unlock the phone righty and as you

see here once you have the other sim

card in we have a metro pcs in card and


that's gonna ask you for your on lock

pin so you're just gonna go ahead and

type that pin in that you got from the

other step

all right and I'm gonna do that here in

just a sec and show you what happens

alrighty guys and now that we have

successfully unlocked the phone you will

get the sim network unlock successful

text up there and now you can just go

ahead and use it on any carrier that you

want including Metro you know cricket of

course any other carriers t-mobile base

AT&T basement whatnot so hopefully you

enjoyed this video like said leave a

thumbs up and in the description there

will be a link below so you can get to

the site to actually do this yourself by