How to unlock the Cricket HTC Desire 550

hello guys are you doing today I'm gonna

show you how to unlock the cricut HTC

Desire 550 I know this is not a new

phone but it's a good phone so I want to

show you how to unlock it first thing

we're gonna open the package okay here

is the phone guys it's a nice looking

phone by HTC

you know HTC always produce good quality

phones so we're gonna take it out here's

the phone this phone is kind of cool

because he has some kind of a plastic

what is plastic here in the back but it

feels really nice on the hand because of

the ROM borders it has a cool power

button here the volume rockers of course

the input jack

here is the micro SD and here you put

the SIM card and also you can put an SD

card and this is pretty much waterproof

guys even though it doesn't say here but

because of of these tabs I pretty much

know at least is water repellent alright

guys so this is the phone we're gonna

set it up let's take this out it's just

a regular charger USB cable and here's

the cricket SIM card attention the

battery and cover are not removable and

it has you open the tab make sure not to

pull it out

you know with a lot of force because

then you're gonna break you need to take

out the SIM tray so this is like the

sony xperia you guys remember its own

experience alright and so we're gonna

put the SIM card here etro SIM card

I was able to put it here SIM card

skiers and it's on the back you can see

the same car so we're gonna put the SIM

card this is SIM card from another

carrier from Metro

and then we're gonna see we have any oh

look at this

it says Network lock type password to

unlock the password we have here is 4 1

6 3 2 0 4 4 and that's it and then we

gotta click ok in current password hmm

have another passcode this one is going

to be three four six nine five seven one

four okay syn network unlock pin

successful unlock from the network

rebooting click ok so that's it guys the

second one works and here you can see it

guys that I already pick up the Metro

let's see you guys the United States

start ok privacy policy change use

search data settings help no next

mobile data use mobile data when y5

isn't available yes when I connect to

the Wi-Fi connect it click Next use

small data ok

checking network in the meantime guys I

want to show you that you can you can

take out these ugly stickers from the

back they're easy to take out and you're

gonna see how how nice it looks now

without the stickers right we're gonna

ask me for a Google account so I'm gonna

skip it skip I'm gonna unselect this

Google stuff Google tracking stuff next

protect your phone skip for now just

keep anyway personalize your phone HTC

Desire 515 good finish click it it's a

cricket or Wi-Fi manager license I'm

declined is because I'm not gonna use it

with cricket and that's it guys that's

the phone right there unlock already

unlock you can use it for any GSM

company you might need to go and set up

the APN guys look at that access point

names and there's nothing there's

nothing on access point name so I'm

gonna do another video showing you how

to add APN on this phone alright guys

and that's it guys that concludes the

video on how to unlock the cricket HTC

Desire 550 to be used on any GSM carrier

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again and have a great day bye