How to Unlock Alcatel phones - Cricket/AT&T/T-Mobile/Metropcs Network

hello guys today I was looking to unlock

my cricket Alcatel PP Theatre when I

founded this video on YouTube stating

how to unlock a quick little cabal big V

theatre cricket unlock codes I found it

to be useful and I found there a link

under the video ATT and locker code calm

I was in the web side so that I could

gather the cricket unlock code for my

big feet did Alcatel fix it either they

just require IMEI of my cricket delicate

a lengthy theatre along with the model

number that is cricketer little pinky

theatre for me and my email address and

if you want to ask them anything of

further information you can write

comments in that and you can simply buy

it it's very cheap fourteen point nine

nine dollars for the cricket of the

Tulsa view data and we just don't

require further more information and

they also do provide free and lock codes

unlock your phone for free only if you

provided them an unlocking video there

are some samples of the video over here

you can also check this out and you can

unblock any us the base the carrier GSM

phone from this website booth Sprint

t-mobile or any other I'm going to show

you how the unlock code water for me for

my cricket Alcatel fix it later in my

video after you have received the unlock

code from ATT unlock okay

all you have to do is to switch off your

cricket Alcatel big theater and insert

the non-accepted sim card I off any

network maybe AT&T or metro pcs whatever

you are going to use with it incident

inside your critical cutout fixative and

when it gets active it will ask for a

network unlock code all you have to do

is to protect the code

on the screen by using the keypad kindly

properly enter the code or you can stuck

with your code and you can stucco your

phone and it will not get unlock in that

particular key