How to factory reset craig slimbook CLP288

okay so this is the I Craig slim book it

is a 9 inch slim book model CLP 2 8 8

and I'm going to show you how to do a

factory reset on it what you want to do

is go over here to settings and over

here you want to go down

to backup and reset enter or click and

then you have these options here and at

the bottom factory data reset erases all

data on device that's what you want to

click on and it's on you everything that

will happen and click reset device and

then you confirm your password

and now you go to erase everything

and that's how it's done because on the

back there's a little reset button right

here which don't really do nothing and

then it restarts and it's erasing

everything and that's how you do it only

Ike reg Cpl 288 model 9-inch limba

thanks for watching