miter saw review unboxing craftsman 10 unlock

today we're gonna unbox our new

craftsman mirror saw that I have for my

birthday looks pretty awesome

we also gonna work on a project today do

a bench in my garage see if I can do

that too hey well let's take a look at

this one let's unbox it already guys

look at this beautiful right here he's a

10 inch meter saw laser on it looks

pretty awesome right now this little

table that I'm putting it on is now what

I'm gonna use

I'm just gonna work on my project on my

bench but I'm gonna use this beauty for

it it was pretty awesome

the blade is nice to use it already

comes with the blade you can actually

move it the way worn it here you see

enough thing here it depends what you

want to do that's the way you can set it

up for just by pressing this one and be

on lock button here just lock that again

so it basically comes out to make it

work it comes out with this one and this

out of the box you have to screw under

this thing I already did it I need to

tight it up a little bit but this is one

of the parts that come that you have to

attach to the machine and this one you

can hold the wood that you're gonna use

you just go on the back put all crazy

pretty easy steps to do then you have

another spot here so if you want to use

this side you can - and one thing that I

was looking for it took me a minute so I

don't usually read the instruction book

it was a lock up here it's pretty easy I

know but it can take some time to find

out so this one right here little bit


like for for the saw that just press it

down and push it up and there we go it

took me a minute to find it out so

hopefully helps you out save some time

because see I was like I can do this I'm

not gonna look on the instruction book

so I did find it but it took me a minute

so that's a lock right there just put it

down press it in and there you go it is

awesome I'm gonna start using it and see

how it works but so far I mean Christ

man is like one of the best for me

pretty nice I will work on that and then

probably show you guys my bench see if I

do it right cuz I'm just learning so

what I learned I share so you guys can

learn as well save some money and doing

stuff muy bueno

alrighty guys so that was Christ man 10

inch meter saw sorry guys I almost

forgot the most important part how it


would you just plug it in and let's see

how this video works

there we go look at that

so it comes with the saw already in the

machine already you just have to do is

just plug it in and let's go to work bet

effect oh thank you guys yes