How to Unlock a GM Theftlock Radio (Simple & Easy Steps!)

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Cory fulham your car guy here for

today's video I will be showing you how

to unlock a theft lock Delco radio for

GM vehicles from the mid 90s to the mid

2000s it's pretty much the same thing as

the Chevrolet GMC and Pontiac radios

that look similar to this they both can

be CD or tape players they all have the

same procedure the CD player is equipped

you will know that the theft lock is

enabled if you try to turn on the radio

and it just says LOC on the display and

the radio won't turn on what this means

is it wants you to enter a code in order

to make the radio work now let's go over

the steps part two of four retrieve your

radios serial number now step one

we're sorry step one sorry I didn't mean

Sega step one turn on the ignition turn

the key to accessory mode or on mode now

turn on the radio and press the power

button to turn on the radio and then

you'll see it it says LOC on your radio

display if your radio displays any

functions such as playing a CD cassette

or a radio station your radio is not

locked if no sound is heard you may need

to replace your radio unit and now if

you want to get the code you push the

preset buttons two and three together at

the same time and hold it there for

eight to ten seconds and then the code

should pop up on the display for example

we got our code 822 the one just got

popped up and then you just push the

am/fm button and then you get your

second set of numbers 832 for example

and then write and then write it down

write down 822 after you press the am/fm

button got your second number write down

832 or that that was my number for

example 822 and 8:32

and this is all we need to do at this

point at the radio so next you need to

find a telephone now step one contact

the GM radio hotline once you've found

the telephone call the toll-free number

at the bottom of the screen the number

is 1-800-543-8242 one of the enter or

sorry enter one of the six digit codes

at the bottom of the screen followed by

the star key now what these codes

represent is the GM dealership

identification number that you're

calling from

not just anybody you're supposed to call

this number it's supposed to be a dealer

so these are the dealer codes if one of

them doesn't work hang up and try again

with another one so we'll start out with

radio only enter your division digit

Chevrolet one Pontiac two hopeful build

three Buick four GMC five Cadillac six

Canada seven Saturn with Duncker radios

only years 91 through ninety nine eight

followed by a dealer code then asterisk

all others into your authorization code

followed by asterisk and then you just

enter the GM dealership identification

number and then press star thank you

enter the four or six digit display code

followed by an asterisk so now you're

going to enter the two sets of three

digit numbers from the radio for example

I got my code

mine is 822 832 and then press the star

key the four digit radio unlock code is

1:03 to repeat 1:03

to if you need another unlock code enter

the display code followed by an asterisk

if not thank you for calling delphi

Delco electronics systems and then you

just simply hang up now that you've

obtained your unlock code you need to

enter it into your radio and that's how

you got you that's how you get the code

to your radio now you just go back to

your radio and then I'll show you how to

unlock it

step 1 now back out at the radio you

need to enter the code that the nice

gentleman on the phone gave you for

example I got my code the code is 1 0 3

2 because the last number is the 2 you

ignore that and we're just going to

enter the 1 0 3 in the display now

switch on the radio turn your ignition

on and press the radio power button your

radio will display LOC now enter the use

the enter the first two digits of the

radio code which is on step 2 to enter

the code you use the hour and minute

buttons again this is the same on the

Pontiac or their Chevrolet radios on

these radios the our minutes are down

here so press the I mean so press the

hour key the our key on the radio or the

hour button on the radio to enter the

first two numbers of your radio unlock

code continue pressing the button

repeatedly until the first two digits of

the radio unlock code are displayed now

number three enter the last two digits

of the unlock code

now press the minute key or the minute

button until the last two the last two

digits of the radio unlock code our

display repeatedly press until they

match the the two digits you need number

four confirm the code when the code


is it says 1:03 which matches the code I

have the code one zero three and after

that you just pressed the am/fm button

and it says s EC will display on the

radio you'll see that says s EC and it

will display on your radio it's in

indicating a successful attempt to enter

your radio code and then you just press

the power button and it works and there

you have it folks

and that's how you enter or that's how

you unlock a GM Delco theft lock radio

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