Coolpad Legacy How to unlock screen Remove forgotten password, pattern, PIN

let's do I have reset for these good pad

legacy from boost mobile if you are

looking just to do a factory reset from

settings I'm going to leave that link on

my under the description of this video

or in the comment section so just open

that video to just you need to help or

just a car it helps you how to do a

factory reset from settings these are

hard reset when you forget your password

pattern of pin blocking the screen with

their phone well using the external key

is okay to remove those credentials and

also it's important to mention that

everything is gonna be removed from

phone's memory like pictures videos

called history web history blender

applications then it's important that

you know you account because after the

factory reset you have to confirm or

verify Google associated with the phone

you know in order to proceed and get to

the home screen okay so make sure that

you know your your email and the

password make sure that is compatible

okay so you're gonna with the phone

power off and remove also any external

memory card to save files you have in

this phone

okay using volume happy one appraised

value mapping power key and as soon as

you see a message recovery on the screen

just remove only the power key continue

holding volume app when you see the

android robot and then just release and

the volume up really gonna proceed under

okay volume up power key from vibrates

keep holding volume up I'll remove

volume up okay so now we're gonna press

the volume down empower key at the same

time and then

are you gonna press the volume up we

want to see a recovery menu with blue

letters and release the Twinkies okay

so volume down in poverty at the same

time and then balloon up oh okay there

you go home so this is how to do it okay

using volume down we wanna highlight why


actually really said and then using

volume I mean power key

we wanna press power key that is our

enter or okay using volume down

highlight yes and just remember we

already went through that everything's

gonna be the lead on the phone's

internal memory and remove XT any

external memory card to save some files

before tunde's okay because everything

is going to be delete and there's no way

to retrieve unless you read there a

backup with your account and with it

with the same account after the factory

reset you will be able to retrieve

anything that you did a backup on your

Google car

okay so just press the power key to

confirm and you wanna see white data for

Marion data and last step its reboot

system now is how automatically

highlight just press the power key to

continue okay then you're gonna see the

cool part here the phone will start to

reboot and not accost some five to eight

minutes to continue and get their home

screen where we will be able to register

any language and think I'll turn on the


okay then just in case the the the phone

get stuck on the cool button logo long

press the power key until the phone goes

off and then start over again with the

same process and doing that it's

calibrated a modern world that helps to

calibrate it in work properly so your

phone will be start working having

because these phones comes with internal

internal battery not like you the other

phones that but need a reason we need

hopefully where we were able to remove

the battery and when you have issue

issues with a phone sometimes you fix it

we just require removing the battery but

because these phones are internal

everything we're not able to do that so

and we fail to at least restart our

phones three times a month and when

we're not doing so the motherboard get

gets ruined because so many downloading

applications especially when you're done

a lot of games and delete them and in a

lot of web history and a lot of cookies

store in your motherboard and doesn't

you were the only removal children

you're using and in there okay so we

initial setup screen of this phone we

let's go and hit the next button you buy

this phone as a new one or use or just

until effectively set this is the screen

that you wanna have is you can get at

the first time so let's go and select

languages these are the language that

you are able to use on your phone so

here to start my new and you have to

verify a Wi-Fi you need data in case

that you don't have any

account associated with their phone or

any active SIM card but I already have

artisan I'll just go ahead and insert it

or in this case you already have this

phone which turn on a post mobile count

automatically start to start programming

here but if you are jealous and look

into the little information and not use

the pole anymore and you want to skip a

step you don't see this option to skip

it I just removed the SIM card okay so

you listen to remove the SIM card so let

us continue quicker or faster okay and

then we'll be able to skip this step

okay next step is a Google services I

highly recommend you to leave location

own because anything that you go search

from Google search engine the first

result you wanna see is the ones closest

to your location anything that you

search is the one across a location

grass stations restaurants any store ok

in Wi-Fi notification a there is a Wi-Fi

below for you so you can save your data

package from your carrier and any

updates for your Android so you keep it

up to date and just hit accept

ok this phone you are able to use your

fingerprint as a lock screen and also if

you want to skip because you can do this

after once we get to the home screen you

can do it from science and security

alright face recognition you are able to

do this for your phone too

also such as we can you can do this or

you can skip or you can lock your screen

with a pattern pin password

so you can create one like right now or

you can skip this step because

everything you can do it on once you get

to the phone

signs okay so I'm gonna say just not now

and then skip anyway okay location

consent is important because that way

anything on your area is the one I'm

gonna show you're on your phone okay and

now we are on the initial setup screen

home screen of all these will Pat legacy

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