how to unlock coolpad legacy for metro by t-mobile for free


hey what's going on guys it's your boy

Serrano welcome back to the channel and

this is the cool pet legacy from Metro

by t-mobile and I've had it for about

six months or so so I wanted to see if I

could unlock it because their terms and

conditions they say that if you have a

device for at least you know a certain

amount of time you can unlock it so I

just put my sim back in it and now

there's the device unlock app right here

then I'm entering in for the very first

time and so I'm gonna allow it continue

it says connecting to the server I don't

know you know hopefully that connects to

the server like it says it will but

let's just go ahead and feat now there's

a button right here this is permanent

unlock so I'm gonna hit that button

right now hopefully I got this thing six

months going to 15 so it's the 21st I

gave it like an extra six days passed

when I had it and it says unlock approve

mobile device is permanently unlocked so

you can restart now so I'm gonna hit

restart now Wow

so I guess it worked so basically all I

had to do is just wait six months and

now this device is permanently unlocked

I can put my Cricut sim in here as well

so the you know this is definitely

pretty sick because you know now it's

booting back up as we speak

and it's a free unlock so you don't have

to pay a time all you have to do is week

six months and now I can actually take

this number and you know like bring it

to you know like any other carrier or

whatever like that because now you know

I've got a unlock device so I don't need

to you know I really don't need this

number anymore it's just an you know

I could probably pour it over and get a

freakin phone from somewhere

let me just unlock my device real quick

and then now you can see you know it's


instead of proof everything is working

perfectly fine but then you guys for

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