How to Reset & Unlock Coolpad Defiant


how to reset cool pad defiant in

different ways follow android protips

comm to get more Android tips we provide

to reset methods first method hard reset

fyaaa recovery mode second method reset

with Google find my device before reset

your mobile your mobile battery must be

above 50% remove SD cards and Sims

backup your Android mobile data if

possible power off your mobile by

holding the power button next press and

hold volume down button and power button

after that release both buttons when you

see a logo afterward you will see

Android exclamation mark then while

holding down the power button press and

release the volume off button navigate

with volume buttons to select wipe data

and factory reset option and press the

power button

next select yes option

finally select reboot system now option

your phone will be reset and reboot

shortly follow android protips comm to

get more Android tips hard reset with

Google find my device this is the best

method to reset your Android phone

remotely this method useful when you

lose your phone or not able to access

your mobile this method also deletes all

your Android phone data after your

device has been erased you can't locate

it you can only use this method if you

already added Gmail account to your

phone and having an active internet

connection if your device is offline

erasing will begin when it next comes

online take another phone or PC and open

any browser after that visit Google find

my device we provide link in description

check description for more information

sign in using the Google login

credentials which are used on your phone

after login there will be three

different options play sound secure

device and erase device now click on the

two times erase device option


again enter the email and password

next you will see erase all data menu

then tap on the erase option follow

android protips dot-com to get more

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