How To Unlock MetroPCS & T-Mobile CoolPad Catalyst (3622A).


the unlocking service we offer allows

you to use any network providers SIM

card in your metro pcs or t-mobile phone

the unlocking process simply can be done

through the device unlock a p-- to make

your device eligible for unlocking

please visit www.canadianoutback.com

first off what you have to do is you

have to go to your dialer and you have

to get your IMEI so what you want to do

is you want to press star pound zero six

pound and that will display your IMEI

every IMEI is specific and unique after

you have your IMEI you want to send it

to the website that I'll have another

link down below so you head over to

unlock x-com and in their website you

will be able to purchase an unlock code

and you will be able to unlock your

device mean one to four hours they will

send you an email confirming that your

device is ready to be unlocked once

again this is the cool pad catalyst from

t-mobile or metro pcs and once you get

your unlock confirmation what you do is

you go over to the device and you search

for the application which is device

unlock you tap on there and then you

want to continue this procedure is

pretty simple and pretty quick so what

you want to do now is you want to

request your permanent unlock

you do need to have some kind of

internet either Wi-Fi or mobile data for

this to work now as you can see it's

requesting for a permanent unlock and it

shouldn't take too long

unlock is approved mobile device is

permanently unlocked so now what you

want to do is just restart

and now your device is permanently

unlocked using unlock locks calm I will

have the link down below so you can go

ahead and purchase the unlock service it

is pretty easy pretty quick and thank

you for watching I'll catch you on the

next one peace out