Unlock Consumer Cellular Phone - Free Sim Carrier Unlock Consumer Cellular


keep in mind that this is a network


and this simply means that we're gonna

unlock the network of your phone

and in the end you're gonna be able to

use your phone with any carrier

worldwide so att t-mobile

metro pcs any carrier in any country

your phone is going to be compatible

this is a very simple process

and i'm going to show you how to do it

step by step nothing bad is going to

happen to your phone

your warranty won't be voided in fact

there are only good things that you can

get out of unlocking your phone for

example your phone is going to be worth

much more

if you want to resell it later because

you can sell it to anyone regardless of

which service provider they use

all right so to unlock your phone you

have three different options

one option is to take your phone to a

local phone shop and they might unlock

it for you

it may take between 5 to 15 days and the

prices are

usually quite high another option is to

go to a store

of your service provider and ask them to

unlock your phone for you

sometimes they might do it for you but

most of the times they will tell you no

or you need to meet certain different

things to qualify for and unlock so it's

not a very efficient process

and the third method is my personal

favorite and that's the one i'm going to

show you right now

you can do it yourself using your

computer and i'm gonna show you how to

do it

alright so let's begin so to start we're

gonna get the phone's imei number that's

a unique number for every phone

so to get it simply dial star

zero 6 hash as you will see your 15

digit ima number will appear in the

screen of your phone

this number is very important it

represents the id of your phone

and keep it somewhere close because

we're going to use it in a few seconds

to unlock this phone

in this website we will request the

unlock to unlock this phone

so simply you have to fill in this form

here about your phone's information

select the exact model you're trying to

unlock alright so now it is extremely

important to enter the correct imei


that's the number we just got so enter

it here it should be 15 digit and it

must be 100

correct if there's a mistake here this

method will not work

and the last and final step is to write

down your personal email where you're

going to receive the notification

so just write down here your personal

email address and they will email you a

notification that your phone has

been unlocked successfully