Logging into a Windows Computer Without the Password

this is the tech breaking tour and what

I have for you today is a cheap laptop

purchased off an online retailer and

there is nothing particularly fancy

about this laptop now I say laptop but

this is more of a tablet with a keyboard

and hinge strapped to it in any case

let's see what it takes to break into

this laptop but before I do that let's

power up the machine and take a look


upon booting up the machine we are met

with a familiar sight the Windows 10

login screen let's have a look at the

password to see if we can't take a crack

at it and get lucky nope that password

is incorrect

first I loaded this 8 gigabyte flash

drive that I found in my trash can with

a Windows 10 installation then I booted

up the machine and mash the Delete key

to select the Boot Options menu

some computers have this on f10 f11 f12

f8 f2 f1 f3 f4 f5 f6 and so I mashed all

of these keys at the same time just to

be sure I still don't know which key was

the right one but it seems to have


we're now in the boot up media for the

installation as this is a tablet

computer the screen seems to be rotated

the wrong way let's fix that right now

clumsily navigate the installation with

the terrible traqpath until you see the

repair your computer option in the

bottom left corner once there we want to

hit troubleshoot as this gives us access

to command prompt so next we're going to

open command prompt now that we have

command prompt this laptops pretty much

done for the first thing I'll do is go

straight to existing 32 and override the

util man executable with the command

prompt for older versions of Windows

this used to be the narrator all that's

left to do now

was to restart the computer now it's

time to see the fruits of our labor down

in the bottom right corner hit the ease

of access button and suddenly a command

prompt shows itself windows was also

kind enough to make sure that this

command prompt window launches as

administrator so we can execute any

command that we wish without being

logged in unfortunately that is not a

good thing as what I'm about to do is

enable the administrator account on this

laptop now we won't be able to get into

any Windows accounts without their

passwords but we can get into the laptop

itself using the built-in administrator

account just one restart of the PC to

enable the account and we should be good

to go after rebooting the machine will

notice there is a second account at the

bottom left corner called administrator

use this account to log in when you

don't know your Microsoft password this

computer however uses a local account so

we can just reset the password now let's

see if we're able to log into the

computer we're going to type in the

password that we just set in the command

prompt and it looks like we've gained

access I'll leave the video running so

that you know there hasn't been any cuts

in the footage

and we now have access to this user

account keep in mind this only works

with local user accounts but if you have

a Windows Microsoft account you can log

in using the administrator account like

I showed you earlier let's play some

minecraft looks like I need a Microsoft

account for that in any case that's all

I have for you today if you do have any

questions or comments about what I'm

doing here please leave them below if

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off-putting and would like to see less

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