HOW to EASY Bypass & REMOVE lost or unknown Windows Xp Vista or 7 LOG INN PASSWORD

so you lost your Windows password and

you want to know how to get in welcome

to another tutorial with bug hello

youtube this is today we're gonna

talk about how to get into your Windows

computer if you lost your password this

can be really tricky because you know if

you lost that password then you know you

might have a big problem especially if

it was done by a well advanced

administrator but let's say if you

installed Windows or somebody did it for

you then there is a chance that you can

still get in so this works for Windows

XP for Windows Vista Windows 7 but not

for Windows 8 Windows 8 we have to do

another procedure so this goes for 7

Vista and XP so what will we do well

we're gonna restart the computer and the

moment it wants to go to Windows you

will hit f8 the f8 key on your keyboard

that will bring you into a boot menu and

you will see several boot options choose

the first one safe mode start up the

computer and after starting up you will

get into the log in screen insert as a

username at mini straighter for the

password you don't have to enter

anything just leave it open and hit

enter if you are lucky you will bypass

the screen and you will get into Windows

of course as an administrator you will

be able to go into your account settings

remove the password or change it to the

desired password that you would like to


and reboot the computer back in normal

mode lock in with the password that you

create or with the password that you

remove just log in without a password

and you will be back in to your Windows

System this is how to do it if you still

have problems getting in let me know in

the comments and then of course we all

have to do it in a more advanced way but

this way helps more than 90% of the

people because when installing windows

people never insert passwords yet they

just hit next and you know install the

system so if you're lucky that was also

in your case done this was it peeps

won't make this video any longer if you

think this information was useful of

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