Dewalt 12in Sliding Miter Saw DWS779: Setup & Review


hey welcome to tough guys on this

episode we're gonna be unboxing setting

up kind of going through the initial

process of a 12 inch dual bevel do Walt

miter saw it's my first of all Saul so I

figured why not show you guys what's

going on with it I did have to open the

box at the store to do like a blade

switch out thing which I'll explain when

I get to that point so the unboxing is

kind of like I already unboxed it a

little bit at Lowe's and then brought

home so anyways I wanted to show you

guys the new Saul let's get it set up

and I'll show you some details about it



all right now that we've got it out of

the box and kind of just briefly set up

here on our little stand here's a quick

overview first impressions I like the

way everything feels everything is

smooth everything moves very well

there's a little trigger guard here

which I really think is cool you have to

kind of pull it over to be able to press

the button

so kids getting their hands up there if

they don't know how to put that button

back they'll be safe I'll go through

some of the details as we go through

this setup process but just wanted to

say initial thoughts are great it's a

good weight

it's nice everything seems to work let's

get that blade installed and then we'll

start going through all the components

and for the blade install on one of

these we've got your blade guard and you

get that up out of your way they give

you a little tool out of the box you

have your nut driver on the end and then

a star tip on the other end which

basically feeds into this bolt here

you've got a little little bolt you need

to take out actually I'm gonna take it I

use gonna loosen it and that'll allow us

to move this guard up and out of the way

a little bit so we can get to this and

that bolt will hold your guard out of

the way so you see right there once I

get it out a little bit let me show you

guys the distance out there so it's not

out all the way you don't take it out of

the way now I can sit the blade guard on

there and the issue I was talking about

with the blade it's supposed to come

with a sixty key apparently in the box

and it did not so the people at Lowe's

gave me this blade here and they took

the 32t blade off of there that came on

the saw so this is the one that gave me

this is the one we're gonna be putting

on and there is a button here on the

other side that will lock this in place

because otherwise this is just gonna

keep turning forever so let me show you

guys that little button turn the other

side when you're twisting this will lock

this bolt in place so that you can twist

that off of there and those bolts are

reversed thread

just a quick disclaimer on that these

are reverse-thread so it's not

righty-tighty lefty-loosey anymore there

we go and there's your bolt right there

take off the outside locking ring ru and

then follow the instructions for your

blade you have some errors here telling

you it's going to turn teeth facing

towards you it's going to turn this way

and the blade is in place locking ring

back on and bolts remember lefty tighty

righty loosey

there that's locked back in place now

tighten it down the last thing you want

to do obviously is make sure that this

guard is back engaged here and that this

screw this little bolt is screwed back

down which is gonna keep your guard in

place like it should be they're not

rattling around or getting in the way of

anything is shouldn't be getting in the

way of theirs that so I do have it

plugged in temporarily here I want to

test it just to make sure everything's

working before I keep going and let's

hear how it sounds sounds really great

runs really smooth

sliding mechanism works really well and

I like that so let's go through some of

the components of this all before we

make some cuts so the first thing let's

talk about these miter fences so they

are adjustable on the back side you have

a little kind of a flipping tab here and

you slide these things in go out and

actually remove them all the way I'm

just gonna leave kind of set generically

for now and you have one of those on

both sides so this one also has that and

then here's your little insert there for

your clamp and there is one of those for

both sides so I'll show you guys that

clamp here in a second as far as the the

the front here to adjust your angle for

different cuts you can see here they've

got everything marked all the different

degrees all the way over here to 60 and

back this way you've got over 250 which

is only gonna let you pull to basically

a 45 so when you pull this little handle

up you can depress this button and as

you're holding it you slide and then let

off when you get close and it actually

has some predetermined stopping points

so as I get close to 45 you hear it kind

of click into place and now it's not

gonna move again I don't need to depress

again and it's gonna lock in locks in

blocks in at 15 blocks pecking at zero

so that's how that works

generally speaking you want to screw

this down to something or maybe you have

like the DeWalt stand that it goes on

but for me it just I've always had my

miter saw is just kind of screw down to

this tabletop so I'm gonna screw it down

that way when I'm when I'm moving this

back and forth doing projects the whole

Saul's not going to move around on the

table that's what you don't want to

happen so that's all that piece works a

few other quick components this is that

button that locks the bolt on the blade

so that you can loosen it this obviously

goes up and down that's for you to cut

things you got a nice little handle here

to hold it and grab it and carry it

around if you need to and then here's

that power button again so again if you

just press it it won't go in you have to

swoop your finger over that little

button and then it will let you depress

so kind of a cool safety

she can't accidentally hit that thing

and in here on the top this is our lock

for the slide so if I tighten that down

the saw cannot slide now so that's what

that is you loosen that up and the saw

will slide really freely actually very

very smooth um here's where our bag for

dust but attach and we'll go over some

of those components here in a sec like

the clamp we'll take a look at those two

things that came in the box there's your

power cord that goes down to the power

and then let's take a look at these

components here here these are basically

everything involved back here is for

that bevel cut this is your release so

if you loosen this up the saw will be

able to slide you can see here so that's

what that is for I'm gonna lock it back

in place here really quick these other

components here these are believed

called Paul's and therefore crown cuts

I'm not as familiar with cutting crown

so I'm not gonna spend too much time on

those I may end up doing like a video on

that but these are the adjustment screws

for those since you can move the bevel

and it does have dual bevel so back on

the other side over here you've got the

same way to track on this side so there

are some components back here I'm not a

hundred percent width I'm just kind of

doing a quick overview I know everything

back here is concerning the bevel and

then as I showed you before your slide

lock is up here saw slides back and


lock your bevel in a zero and check your

square before you start making cuts if

you're concentrating a bunch on straight

cuts and then other than that there you

go side again this is your depth

adjustment screw and then you would

lower this down and basically this thing

is gonna hit that and then you can

adjust because it's gonna stop the depth

of saw as it as it teeters down in your

cutting so kind of a cool feature and

it's actually in a really nice place I

really do like that there's kind of a

wing nut to lock it in place so that's

your depth controlled there and another

quick note the little wrench actually

stores inside of the saw it's right down

here pretty cool and then it clicks in

place you can't lose that thing and it's

also not on the way you don't really

get anywhere so that's another really

cool feature that that thing has a place

to go hey here's that clamp Mackin

mechanism this just screws down and then

this piece is the part that locks on

around the back and then the whole thing

can kind of swivel around so we'll put

this in place in a second can you get so

you can see how that looks and here is

the bag accessory that hooks onto the

back of the saw and basically allows you

to collect some of the sawdust it's

obviously not gonna collect everything

and you can see right here in the back

that's where all the sawdust is gonna

hopefully go when we start making cuts

we will find out a lot of these saws

these things don't work that great so

we'll test out the DeWall one we've got

that clamp set in place here you can see

as it is it will turn around you may

have to work with your with your miter

fence there to get it where you need it

to go and then you can also loosen the

top to bring it down this direction or

you can fight it so you may want to have

this preset if you're making a ton of

cuts then it works out really great for

you then back here in the back is where

you hook your vacuum bag up this thing

sticks out really far off the back side

I don't know how much I like that let me

show you guys that thing sticks out

really far seems like they could've done

a better design just maybe had a droop

so I don't really know if I like that

cuz I have to have a saw so far out and

or for that to work we'll see what we

can figure out on it to make it a little

bit better alright let's test out some

cuts I'm gonna start off with just

getting this thing all the way back yeah

we'll see how that goes

and we've got some super super smooth

cuts I'm so happy with that it's great

sounds great no vibration feels awesome


and we've got just one small stack of

2x4 cuts and I just wanted to compare so

here's the dust that missed the bag out

here you know this is the dust that mist

not too bad when you consider and let's

take a look at how much was actually

captured and that is a ton of sawdust

captured in this bag that is awesome






so overall putting it through its paces

this all's done really well this is that

blade that we got with it the sixty

tooth we've put it through a couple of

projects since we've had it but dust

management does pretty good just having

the bag I mean it catches a ton of dust

as you go I mean you're still gonna get

some but it's nothing like that Richard

saw that was just horrible and

embarrassing for them other than that

overall the cells been really good and

we've been super happy with it and

that's what I got all right so it's been

about a month full disclaimer since

we've had this saw we've been using it a

ton all kinds of projects it's been

working out really really well for us so

far the blade has no wobble everything

cuts really really well I don't really

know much more to say then other than

that it's great we haven't had any

issues with it

dust management is good I've tried

hooking the vacuum to it and I really

just don't care the the bag on there is

good enough and seems to work really

well other than that I really really

like the sauce so I just wanted to kind

of wrap up this video and say if you're

needing a 12-inch saw and you need a

sliding version of it and dual bevel the

DeWalt is a great option if you've seen

our channel we have a video on the rigid

version which turned out horribly for me

some people love it I'm glad that you

had a good luck with it I deny it was

horrible so anyways thanks for watching

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